Meditation is universally understood to be one of the best things you can do for yourself to support your mental, emotional and even physical health! The benefits of meditation are many. At the Modern Mystery School we have many profound and effective methods to achieve peace and relaxation, and to harness the power of your own mind control to overcome negative thought patterns.

Listed below are just some of the techniques available to you through the empowerment teachings of the mystery school tradition. Read on to learn more, or visit our List of Certified Professionals to find a Practitioner in your area leading Meditations and other Modern Mystery School programs.



The Max Meditation System™ was developed by Modern Mystery School Founder Gudni Gudnason after travelling the world for the last 35 years exploring the phenomena of the mind. A complementary blend of ancient methods learned from prominent teachers in India and Tibet, this system is designed to truly teach you how to get the most out of your meditation practice. Read more on our Max Meditation System page.



The Sanctuary Meditation is a fail-safe method to easily and safely expand your consciousness to reach the realm of your own personal spiritual sanctuary, meet with your Higher Self and receive clear guidance from with within.  This technique is a simple and effective way to access the higher dimensions of our reality and connect to our own true self and inner wisdom. For the experienced or beginner meditation practitioner, this approach will deepen your personal reflection and give you access to an intense sense of connectivity with your spirit and the soul knowledge you possess within yourself. Learn more about it on our Sanctuary Meditation page.




Egyptian magick has been known to be one of the most powerful magicks in our world. The ancient Egyptians lived a extraordinary life: a life full of abundance, love, passion and great joy! This magick has been long held as a secret in the Mystery School tradition and it is a part of the MMS lineage and initiatory path. As the energies in our world shift we are ready more than ever to tap into this powerful energy.

Egyptian Magick Meditations are enchanted evenings of guided visualization, mindful movement and activity working with the energy and power of the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddess, their temples and their symbols. By embracing the passion and love of this ancient magick, we can in turn give ourselves the experience and knowledge of how we can live our life as the Egyptians once did. Be in touch with the Goddess and God within and grant yourself a beautiful life!

$15/2-hour workshop



The Modern Mystery School offers various themed meditation workshops, depending on the teacher’s own background and expertise. Certified MMS Teachers and Practitioners are proficient with a variety of meditation styles including guided visualization, moving meditation, active, passive and others.

Some examples of the different types of meditation workshops include themes and exploration of:

  • 7 Mystery Schools Presentation
  • Chi (Life Force Energy)
  • Chakras
  • Kabbalah
  • Healing
  • Love
  • Intention setting
  • Manifestation
  • Full Moon
  • Astrology
  • And many more

Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events and the variety of meditation workshops and evening sessions available to you!

**Please note that this is a baseline price based on an international index and does not include taxes. Individual practitioners may charge more for this service.