Below is a short list with brief descriptions of some of the many classes the MMS offers. There are many, many more classes not listed, especially those of Higher Magick. For additional information on classes please contact: or 416-625-3470

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Prerequisite Classes for Core Programs



Empower Thyself (Initiation)

The Empower Thyself Program and Initiation provides an opportunity to become more involved with the Light Work conducted by the Hierarchy of Light. An ancient rite passed down in an unbroken lineage, this program prepares Light Workers for physical initiation into the Universal Brother/Sisterhood of Light, and brings down extremely powerful energies for people to use in their work/day to day life. Once initiated you gain the title of Adept. An Adept is one who has mastered an area of Light Work (whether they are aware of this or not) and is adept at holding the energies to do the work. You will know you are ready to take the next step when you receive the ???internal calling??? for this initiation.

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Investment: $650 Includes manual, all training, initiation, administration fees, and one year???s subscription to Magus Magazine



Astral Travel

Prerequisite for Know Thyself Program

Astral Travel is the art or science of expanding one???s consciousness in order to travel outside the physical body. The only limitation is in your own mind or lack of imagination. The Astral Plane is one of the great, real workshops of the Universe. It has its own distinct place in the work of spiritual evolution. In this class you will:

  • Uncover a magical world, much lighter than the physical plane
  • Recognize aspects of yourself that are impossible to see in daily life
  • Receive insights into your own psyche and personality, discovering more about yourself and how you exist in the world
  • Learn how to astral travel while still in a conscious state
  • Commune with Spiritual Masters to receive intimate spiritual teachings relating to your personal path.

This process is presented in a very specific manner, which teaches the rules that ensure safety for the traveler. As such, a specially trained facilitator teaches it.

Investment: $80


Journey of the Spirit (Part A and/or Part B)

We all channel in one way or another without being aware of it. These messages are usually received through our creative abilities. Connecting with your Higher Self, Guides, Masters, and other Beings of Light is a right given you at birth. Learning to channel accurately for yourself gives you more knowledge and opportunity to evolve and serve. In this class you will learn:

  • Telepathy, Automatic Writing, Clairaudience (hearing)
  • How to safely channel appropriate Light Beings
  • How to create a sacred protected space
  • How to easily access a trance or altered space
  • How to use channelling as a tool for your spiritual evolution, and more

Gifts of the Spirit shows you how to work with your Higher Self. As a result you are assured of your source and the validity of the information you are receiving. Learn how to enhance your connection to God/Source through the spiritual art of channelling.



Investment: Part A $150*, Part B $150

* – Prerequisite for Know Thyself Program


Sacred Geometry I – XII

Geometry as an art was formed in heaven as a precursor to all creation. Sacred Geometry is the study and contemplation of Divine Proportion and the geometric patterns that are fundamental to the creation and structure of the Universe. In understanding these geometric patterns and vibrational energies, one learns the pure language of the cosmos and gains access to universal wisdom. In these classes you will learn:

  • Awaken and invoke the powers of the three primary sacred geometries (pyramid, cube, and sphere) within your body.
  • Connect your mind to the Divine Spirit by accessing the keys to Heaven with these sacred symbols.
  • Mesh sacred geometry with the four elements to enable all of your physical creations to be imbued with the Divine.
  • Activate a room or a building, increasing the vibration for protection of all those within
  • Create a temple of worship/sacred space.

Investment: Sacred Geometry I $85 – Prerequisite for Know Thyself Program Includes manual, admin fee???s and materials


Keys to Magick Mastery

Prerequisite for Ritual Master Program

This class gives the student in-depth knowledge and understanding of ritual magick and its uses through the ages and throughout the world. During the class you will begin your training by learning the art and history of the magick as taught and used by:

  • The Egyptians
  • Viking, Nordic and Welsh Traditions
  • Celtic Shamanism
  • African
  • Native Americans
  • Wicca

Speciality Classes


11th Codon ??? ???Destiny of Life Reading???

For Initiated MMS Teachers only

Our spirits are vast and eternal, beyond what the mind can comprehend, and we have participated in many past lives and off-world incarnations preparing us for this lifetime. In addition, we have a spiritual family lineage we are sourced from, just like we have a genetic family here in the physical. We have connections to Angels, Archangels, mythological beings, Masters of Light and more and all this is stored inside the 11th Codon of our Spiritual DNA. We only have to use the correct key to unlock the door of understanding our vast human Spiritual DNA!

Learn how to read the 11th Codon ??? the ???Purpose of Life??? in the system of Spiritual DNA reading that was handed down by King Salomon and has been used successfully for thousands of years!


Buddhist Esoteric Teachings

This specialty class is taught by a 35 year Japanese Buddhist monk who has served as a Personal Guard to the His Holiness the 14th Dali Lama of Tibet and has  received private instruction from him. The class covers the basic understandings of Buddhism as well as the mudras and mantras used in Buddhism to connect more deeply with spirit.


Enochian Temple Training

For Ritual Masters only

In the Enochian Temple, Ritual Masters work with Enochian Magick, a very high level of specialized magic, to summon and command the Angels of God for the benefit of humanity. This work has very profound effects throughout the world to bring about changes that will support the evolution of humans in all ways.


Exorcism (Basic and Advanced)

For Ritual Masters only


Holy Blood (I, II and III)

For Ritual Masters only


Releasing Your Negative Emotions

 Why is releasing your Negative Ego so important? The answer is simple.  Do you get depressed? Are you struggling with emotions and thoughts that pervade your life? Do you feel stuck? Do you wake up with a smile on your face and enjoy life? Do you take a problem and turn it into a learning experience? Have you overcome your own obstacles? Can you still be insulted? Can you still be emotionally hurt or angered? If you haven???t solved the above then your Negative Ego is not serving you, it???s limiting and even harming you! Release it and become stronger, clearer and happier then you have ever imagined!

Spark of Life Training

For Initiated MMS Teachers only

Spark of Life is the truest form of remote energy work available to humans today. This unique modality was first created by the High Priest and Priestesses in ancient Temples as means to support those who had to travel to other Temples for work. This method is very powerful as the energy travels within the inner spark of pure light from God. With this modality, Magickal keys are used by the practitioner which allows them to bypass the Etheric matrix and chakra system of the client???s body. This allows the energy to flow in a pure state to the client in a remote location. The energy is sent from the Temple, remotely, to any client in any part of the world. It is one of the most sacred healing modalities available.

Warriors of Light:

For Ritual Masters only

The Warriors of Light program teaches the Ritual Master the rituals and spells as well as the energetic training required for the application of fighting evils that pervade our physical plane.