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The Magick of Manifestation

Christina Mars MMS International

Ah, Manifestation… making one’s dreams come true!  Something we all desire.  Something we all want, yet something that can be so elusive to so many.

What is manifestation and why does it seem so few can truly turn their dreams into reality?  Before we can really understand the secrets of manifestation and magick we need to define what it is.  One simple explanation is manifestation is imagination combined with constructive action to create tangible results.  In other words, imagining what you want and taking direct and concrete action to make this happen.

Knowing this we can begin to understand where the problems lay.  Many can imagine, many can dream, but few will actually place the effort needed into manifesting their dreams. One of the biggest mistakes that we make when we start wanting to manifest is we undermine the process, usually right from the start. We inadvertently negate our desires by telling ourselves it’s not possible.  We often allow doubt and fear to seep in and instead of pursuing our dreams, we simply defeat ourselves with negativity and never start.

For example, many people want to be wealthy — money is good.  It gets us many things in/for life and can help us provide for our family and friends and others.  Even though we can dream of the life of a millionaire how many truly believe they can actually become one?

What does any of this have to do with magick? Everything! Here is one of the biggest secrets, something so few will tell you. The truth, you as you are, are probably not capable of manifesting your dreams.  In and of yourself, in your current state you need help!  This is not a bad thing, it’s simply acknowledging that you aren’t equipped with all the tools or knowledge required to get the job done.

Manifestation through magick requires a great deal of belief because it invokes the magick of creation.

Not only are you going to use your five senses and your physical self to manifest but you are going beyond the limitations of yourself and so you must believe in something bigger than you, something more powerful, something good and beneficial.  Something helpful. Something MAGICKAL!

No magick on earth requires more faith than trying to be a “manifestor” (a creator), because you are actually beginning to work in the realm of infinite possibility.  Working with infinite possibility means you can’t have any limitation within yourself, yet most do, so you, as you are, aren’t capable to do this without help; without MAGICK and understanding of universal flow.

In order to manifest your dreams and desires you have to believe in your ability, in partnership with the universal energies to manifest it.  You have to believe that the areas that you feel you are lacking in can and will be brought into alignment if you are willing to flow and allow those things to happen.  Working in partnership with the universal energies and not against them.  Allowing the magick that you have evoked to do what you have asked it to do and not rejecting it through inaction or negativity.  Some common things that will stop the magickal flow are: apathy, lethargy, laziness, depression, anger, hatred, and other aspects of the negative ego.

Of course, life in this physical state is exactly that: physical. Your words, thoughts and deeds, (also known as actions) matter — big time!  Manifestation cannot occur if you evoke the magick and then sit on the couch waiting for everything to suddenly just “happen to/for you”.  Being a manifestor means being an active participant in making things happen for you and in your life.  Taking the action necessary to assist the magickal energies flowing into your life.  This often includes (if not always), making many changes in your life.  Doing things you haven’t done before and taking steps you have at often times avoided taking in the past. Manifestation through magick requires a great deal of belief because it invokes the magick of creation.”

As the old saying goes: To get something you have never had before, you have to do things you have never done before.

Unfortunately, in our modern world and its reintroduction to a more spiritual life, a few misunderstandings have come to pass.  One of these misunderstandings is that of “going with the universal flow,” meaning to do nothing to take control over your own life; taking little or no action and expecting the universe to do all the work for you, with no serious and/or consistent work on your end; just letting life “happen” and you will somehow have your dreams come true.

This is like deciding to set sail on a ship in the ocean with no rudder and no sail.  You will go with the flow of the ocean but you will likely not go where you actually want to. Instead of working with the ocean to get where you want to go you in essence surrender all captainship/command of your own life and in turn experience things you never wanted too.  We, as children of light, are in partnership with the universe.  We are not puppets to it.  We work with the energies and in doing so we can have all the joy and fantastic experiences we want in life.  Manifesting all we wish.  Without understanding and working with this partnership we are all but assured repeated failure as has been experienced by so many in life. There is much more to manifesting in one’s life then can be said here, but understanding the flow of magick and the belief that anything is possible combined with personal action is the core of all manifestation and using these tools diligently will bring you the most amazing life you can imagine!