Intermediate Ensofic Reiki – T.O.

The Most Comprehensive Reiki Training on The Planet

Experience the only fully integrated system of Reiki known in existence, The Ensofic Ray Healing Modality. Here is your opportunity to learn the second level of this system and become a Certified Intermediate Ensofic Reiki practitioner.

The Ensofic Ray Healing Modality is separated into three unique and comprehensive training courses.

  • Fundamental Ensofic Reiki™ (Level 1)
  • Intermediate Ensofic Reiki™ (Level 2)
  • Advanced Ensofic Reiki™ (Level 3)

In intermediate Ensofic Reiki™, you will learn how to facilitate distant healings, treatments to release unwanted habits and emotions while gaining a much deeper understanding through practice sessions and practical demonstrations. In addition, you will receive 2 attunements to help strengthen and realign the flow of Ensofic Ray energy.

Delivered with the highest educational standards of quality, integrity, and professionalism, topics of study include:

  • How to connect and apply distance Ensoifc Reiki treatments.
  • How to apply Ensofic Reiki for unwanted habits, excess emotions, and addictions.
  • Brain Science and Kabbalah.
  • Activation, usage and history of various Ensofic Reiki symbols.
  • Understanding the Japanese concept of “Ichigo-Iche” and so much more…

Date: Sunday, January 22nd

Start time: 10 a.m.

Pre-requisites:Fundamental Ensofic Reiki and Empower Thyself (Adept)

Cost:$649.60 (taxes and fees included)

Deposit:$300 CAD includes all taxes and fees

Location: Modern Mystery School HQ, 41 International Blvd, Etobicoke

Registration deadline: Friday, January 21st, 2022

Registration full payment due in full by: Friday, January 21st, 2022

Advanced registration is required.

Kindly email or call 416-625-3470 to register or for more information!

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