Relationships in the Hermetic Life – T.O.

DATES: August 6th and 7th

TIME: 10 a.m.


With this brand-new life-changing class, students of Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave will be able to expand their foundation of Hermetics and understanding how the divine masculine and feminine communicate and relate within the realm of human.

This powerful relationship class focuses on not only romantic relationships, but all relationships — familial, professional, friendships. How you operate in relationship to all aspects of life matters, whether it is your relationship to a person, or your relationship to food, your home, or other things, your relationships make up the quality of your life.

This class will improve your awareness of the important aspects of interpersonal connection, sharing the knowledge, skills and insights to navigate healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

Build and grow meaningful and fulfilling connections with yourself, your life, and others through the deep wisdom of Hermetics.

This class is taught by Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave THOR Lanyon exclusively for Ritual Masters.


REQUIRED LEVEL OF INITIATION: Certified Ritual Master Apprentice (RM 2.0)

PRE-REQUISITE: How to Live a Hermetic Life, Hermetic Communication of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, and must be attending Warriors of Light this August 2023.

SEATING IS LIMITED! Registrations with deposit taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Introductory price – this first time only!!!


By Booking Order:

First 15 = $1057.51 USD/ $1361.76 CAD All spots booked!

15 – 30 = $1105.71 USD/ $1437.42 CAD All spots booked!

31+ = $1163.90 USD/ $1513.07 CAD


DEPOSIT: $ 500 USD/ $650 CAD*

*Please note your deposit is non-refundable/ non-transferable for any reason.

Advanced registration is required. Please contact Modern Mystery School Administration to place your deposit.


PHONE: 416-625-3470

TOLL-FREE: 1 (877) 275-1383 (in North America)

Click here to download the payment authorization form for registration deposits! (Please note that you do not need to send separate payment authorization forms for each class deposit, you can total them on one form.)

Deposit deadline date: July  7th, 2023

Full balance payment due by: July 28th, 2023

*A late fee of $150 USD is applied to payments received after these dates.