Sacred Geometry 7 – T.O.

DATE: February 16, 2023

START TIME: 10 a.m.


Become a practitioner of the Archangel Michael Interstellar Light Tube healing modality! In this class you are handed down the Activation of the Archangel Michael Inner Stellar Light Tube. This modality activates the Buddhic Body, which is deeply connected to the 7 chakras. By opening up the chakras fully, enlightenment can be attained for a brief moment, and that second of clarity will last you a lifetime. Having this activation you are now ready to move into Archangel Michael’s Interstellar Light Tube. This interstellar experience allows you to access the origin of creational energy. Archangel Michael is the master architect of the labyrinth of the soul, and by entering his Light Tube, you will be commencing a process of re-creation into the highest form for yourself.  

REQUIRED LEVEL OF INITIATION: Certified Life Activation Practitioner

PRE-REQUISITES: Certified Ritual Master 2.5** or higher; Sacred Geometry Level 6.  Also must have received the Archangel Michael Interstellar Light Tube healing session.

**If you are attending Ritual Master 2.5 at this program in February 2023, you may also register for this handing down!

SEATING IS LIMITED! Registrations taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.

INVESTMENT: $564.49 USD / $733.26 CAD

AUDITS : $290.98 USD / $378.27


DEPOSIT : $ 150 USD/ $195 CAD

*Please note your deposit is non-refundable/ non-transferable for any reason.

Advanced registration is required. Please contact Modern Mystery School Administration to place your deposit.

PHONE: 416-625-3470
TOLL-FREE: 1 (877) 275-1383 (in North America)

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Deposit deadline date: January 15th, 2023

Full balance payment due by: February 5, 2023

*A late fee of $150 USD is applied to payments received after these dates.