A richer life of meaning and deeper sense of purpose

Christina Mars

I’ve been a student of the Modern Mystery School since 2007. Prior to being a student I never really had the passion to keep up with anything for too long.  Whether learning to play guitar, piano, playing a sport or even studying. At some point I would always lose enough interest to not keep up with it. After my first experience at the school back in 2007 I felt drawn in to learn and understand more of what they had to offer.

In 2008 I went to an MMS international program and found it very transformative and healing. Founder Gudni, Ipsissimus Hideto and Ipsissimus Dave along with the MMS team were there and provided a very warm, inviting environment that allowed me the space to really open up and heal in a way I never experienced before. I felt the experience was beyond words. My drive for more continued to grow and expand over the years being a part of the school. The more I’ve learned over the years, the more it’s opened me up to even more questions, which to me has provided a richer life of meaning and deeper sense of purpose.

I’ve also put in the effort with some of the tools the Modern Mystery School offers and gained a lot from it. From someone who never put in much effort in life, I’m grateful to have come across something that’s given me so much value and appreciation that it made it worth striving for, even after all these years.