Advanced Ritual Master Training


The programs listed below are for Ritual Master Initiates only.


Warriors of Light is the quintessential Ritual Master program, combining the energetic battle of darkness with the physical application of martial arts. This spiritual battle is the way of the true warrior, and necessary part of protecting humanity from the evil that pervades our physical plane.





Enochian Magick is one of the highest forms of Ceremonial and High Magick on the planet today. It is the language of creation and the organization of the Angelic hosts that may be summoned for the benefit of humanity. In the Modern Mystery School tradition, only the initiated Ritual Master may be permitted to wield this magick, only after extensive training, the highest reverence and humility. Enochian Magick Training is available in levels 1 through 5.





Egyptian magick has been known to be one of the most powerful magicks in our world.
The ancient Egyptians lived a extraordinary life: a life full of abundance, love, passion and great joy!

 Learning how to work with the deities and rituals of ancient Egypt provides the initiate with great fulfillment and connection to the divine.

Other Advanced Ritual Master Training includes:

  • Psychic Self-Defense
  • Bringers of the Light
  • Goethian and Shadow Warrior
  • Enochian Warrior
  • And more…

For inquiries about any Advanced Ritual Master Training programs, or for information how to become a Ritual Master, please contact Modern Mystery School.