“Every moment is an opportunity for you to do better and greater, so do just that. Be grateful for the opportunity time gives you to be better, and do better today, than you were yesterday.”

It takes a special kind of person to be brave enough to make this statement to the world, “You are not perfect the way you are.” In his first book, Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon doesn’t just say this to the world as a critique, but rather he says this with deep compassion and faith that humanity can change and be better. He believes this so much that he wrote this book to share the keys and wisdom that will help people to Know Thyself by accepting the reality of their imperfection and taking the steps to progress toward true Joy.


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People all over the world are reading this book, loving its practical wisdom and deep insights. They are sharing it with family and friends and spreading the word…You Are Not Perfect The Way You Are!

It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about a book. It reminds me of the first time I encountered the Kybalion and Hermetica. Before even reading it’s content I could feel the energetic aliveness of this book, it has gravitas! Every detail was produced with great care and attention, from the words written in its pages, to the high quality cover, binding, paper selection, and all. 
The wisdom it contains inside is just as significant as the Hermetic wisdom of the ages, yet in this book Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon brings crystal clarity to the keys for understanding how such ancient wisdom applies to our every day lives in the world today. 
This book is for thinkers who are ready to have an open mind, deeply contemplate universal principles of life and how to master it, and be challenged by concepts that transcend current social and cultural trends. It gives a guidebook for navigating through the mire and confusion of todays world, into a clarity that restores our connection to our True Self. 
I highly recommend this book as an essential addition to the library of anyone serious about knowing themselves, mastering their life, and being a student of the Hermetic Path!
Dr. Theresa Bullard-Whyke, West Yorkshire, UK

“I have been reading the amazing book, YOU ARE NOT PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE by Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon. This book just keeps on delivering. I am going to try something that comes from chapter 5 that after some meditating and reflecting I feel will be very helpful.
I am fat, I am overweight, I am morbidly obese. I am saying this because it is true, it is reality. I don’t say this to own it or make it worse but I say it to acknowledge a reality I honestly have never come to terms with. You can’t change reality until you accept reality for what it is. Well, for the first time in my life I am accepting this reality and owning my part in it. What does this mean and why is it so important?
In order to change reality you have to accept it. I wholeheartedly feel like this has been one of many contributing factors as to why my weightloss has been so difficult, because I refused to accept it and I refused to take responsibility for it. Now, there is truth in the fact that I knew I needed to lose weight (but wasn’t fat in my mind), I can look in a mirror and see I wasn’t skinny (not owning being overweight) or just be uncomfortable in my skin (knowing I needed to be more active and watch my eating but still not landing on reality) but all of my words denied the existence of reality as shown in these examples.
Thank you Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon for this incredible gift you have brought to the world. Highly recommended to anyone looking to make changes to their life and their thinking.”
— Stephen Pustai, Battlefield, Missouri

In the very title he cuts through what the world is attempting to convince you of. What do you mean I’m not perfect the way I am? The Dove commercials tell me otherwise! This book is not meant to go against everything you were ever told, but instead inspire curiosity to reestablish the truths within you that have surpassed the test of time. Mr. Lanyon, a Sovereign Ipsissimus of an ancient Lineage, one of three key holders, brings life to principles of one of the oldest records of literature that has been the foundation to human civilization throughout the world: the Hermetic Principles. One of my favourite lines in the book, “If it is only applicable to now, but not then, or then but not now, or now but not later or for them but not us, or us but not them… then you are in the mind of human.” This is a guiding star for you to discover the universal truths beyond my personal truth or Larry’s truth next door. This is not a book of opinion, but rather puts opinion aside, and speaks to the soul of the reader, giving you an opportunity to question rather than conform; align rather than dabble; and come back to your true self as you read thoughtful insights, at times riddles through your mind; and words that create a pathway back to your heart. It’s rare to read an esoteric book that is grounding and significantly relatable to the times, as well as practical for your own life. This book is a milestone within this ancient lineage and you can be part of reading a book that will support humanity now and continue to support humanity hundreds of years from now. It holds that kind of truth.
Laura Louise Persichetti, Sarnia, ON

I’m a romantic at heart and many Rom Coms espouse the cliché ‘you are perfect the way you are!’ Of course in the throws of a budding romance with rose coloured spectacles the subject of affection is ‘perfect’. Flaws are drowned in a sea of hormonal bliss.  However the ‘happily ever after’ foundations are, at that point, laid on a bed of infatuation, and soon come a crumbling when the first hurdle presents itself. The book ‘You Are Not Perfect The Way You Are’ takes an honest look at self. Written by a Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, you will discover fundamental Hermetic truths about the human condition and how we both underestimate and overestimate ourselves. How many of your beliefs in life create limitations on you and others? Also success in life takes way more effort than current thinking would suggest! ‘You are not a tree: growth is not your natural state.’ And fundamentally we need each other if we are to grow and have Joy! Isolation has its limits. To change the world ‘we can’t abandon it.’
On my journey through this book I’ve been deeply moved by the depth of understanding of the human condition and the compassion displayed as suggestions unfold. I feel the keys discussed here can help each of us create a different relationship with ourselves, our loved ones and hence our world. I believe world peace is possible and I feel this beautifully written book is part of that foundation to building a world of love, peace and joy.” 

Dr. Ann Donnelly, Derry Ireland

To be able to have a physical copy of the knowledge from Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, who is one of the key holders of the Modern Mystery School, is humbling. Given that he is a mentor and my Ritual Master teacher, I have had direct experience being a student in his classes. It may be due to this reason, but when read the literature within his book, I can imagine him speaking to his students. I can say without a double that the words within his book, YOU ARE NOT PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE, come to life. It is filled with vibrant energy and love. Whether you are an initiate or not, he introduces the reader to very profound wisdom. He does so in a way that it is easy to digest, and at the same time, can be difficult to process. Especially when there is either a lack of experience or awareness and resistance to some of the teachings. However, nonetheless, he provides an opportunity for someone to see life from a different angle, and to ponder on the deep questions of life. This includes taking ownership and being the change they wish to see in the world.” 
 Dr. Manuel Camerna, Brea, CA

“A lot of you know that I’ve been studying with the Modern Mystery School for almost 2 years now. Ancient teachings and healings. Wisdom. Miracles. Great! The Best!! Not everyone knows Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon. He is a Lineage holder in the school. That means he’s the coolest. He has dedicated his life to keeping these Hermetic traditions Pure, and helps thousands upon thousands of people improve their lives. He runs the school in the Western World. Leading through his Clear Mind, Thoughtful Words, and Courageous Heart.
Now! The first time I sat in on one of his talks was when I attended Healers Academy in June 2021. Within that hour I discovered he was a new Hero of mine. In November 2021, he became my Ritual Master teacher. THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING.
He is a True Leader in this world. Has extreme Integrity with his words and beliefs. Has the Courage to stand in the Light no matter the cost. Has the most Epic Discernment I’ve seen in a person. He is a Master of Life, and yet Humble. I will Follow this Man and Lead beside him spreading Inner Peace, Joy and Passion. Ipsissimus Dave, I Am grateful for you every day. Honored to be your student, and brother. He recently released his book, “You Are Not Perfect the Way You Are: 11 Keys to Master Your Life.” I was fortunate enough to have my copy signed by him.” 
—Seth Pearson, Boulder, CO

“I recently read “You Are Not Perfect the Way You Are” by Dave Lanyon and was blown away by its wisdom and practicality. This book is a collection of insights and Hermetic wisdom, ancient knowledge that is not tied to religious doctrine. Through these teachings, readers are able to gain a deeper understanding of many concepts that can be life-changing. I found myself highlighting many passages in this book, as there are so many great insights within. This is a book that I believe everyone should read in school in order to gain a better understanding of concepts that enrich and empower our lives. Overall, I highly recommend “You Are Not Perfect the Way You Are” to anyone looking for an inspiring and empowering read. It is a must-have for anyone seeking to improve their understanding of life and wisdom.”
— Eric Thompson, Florianopolis, Brazil

“This is not just a book, its a handbook for the foundation of life!
Each page has pearls of wisdom woven throughout, like keys unlocking the doors to ancient treasure, each page opens the readers awareness to concepts, ideas that allow one to discern with clarity and integrity.
I love how this wisdom is written in such a simple, easy to understand manner, this is a book for all. These concepts, when applied, will assist the reader in making better choices in life, to live in joy and have inner peace.
I can’t say enough about this book, other than please gift yourself the time to read it! Like we say in the Mystery School lineage, have your own direct experience of the magick. Thank you Ipsissimus Dave, Im looking forward to reading your next book already!”
—Dr. Kate Bartram-Brown, London, UK

“I am beyond excited to have read “You Are Not Perfect The Way You Are” by Ipsissimus Dave. This is an amazing book and one I feel that I will keep reading and refer to many times as it holds so much wisdom, information and foundational keys to strengthen you regardless of what state you are at in life. It is just one of those books that you read and reread straight away as it has some of the most valuable wisdom that is currently available clearly laid out in a very understandable way so that your mind is able to unsderand and embrace what you need to do quickly.  I felt as it read it that my mind was adjusting, and shifting which is just so unique, and I appreciate it so much. You can also dip into the book on any page to get inspiration, which I have been doing with my clients and they are loving it.
—Martina Coogan, London, UK

This book has become one of my reference books. I go back to it again and again, and find sentences that offer deeper perspective on things I am working through. I have read many metaphysical and occult books, and what I find beautiful about the Lineage of King Salomon AND this book, is that the teachings grow with the ages. This book truly is ancient teachings for modern times. You can feel the energy coming off the pages, and the wisdom provided is relevant to us in the 21st century. Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and his messages are what we all need right now.” 

— Sarah Hauch, Winnipeg, MB

When you are 100 years old to look back on your life and you have a life filled with everything it is possible to dream of. If this is what you want, I would recommend you one thing!
Read this book now!

Mette Ballari, Norway

“I’m not a fan of self-help books and thought this was of that genre. But I came away with a vision not just for myself but the world. I thought I knew myself until I read this book. It introduced me to concepts in that regard that I frankly never knew existed. Made me think twice about many aspects of myself and the world around me that I was taking for granted. Mr. Lanyon uses easy-to-understand language and clear examples to introduce the philosophies upon which this book is based.”

– April Trahan, Cut Off, LA

“Reading this masterpiece of wisdom made me wish I immediately had several copies to gift to so many people! I honestly can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t instantly fall in love with the wisdom of hermetics that Ipsissimus Dave so masterfully presents. If you want to deepen your understanding of human nature, how the world works and deepen your own wisdom, this is a MUST READ!”
—Aleksandra Ceho, Toronto, ON

“Dave Lanyon’s book takes the reader on a journey that joins common sense with the mystical. He is at his best in those pages where his passion on the subjects he writes about becomes palpable.”
—Robert Kelly, Montreal, PQ

“This book is not only filled with endless “AHA” moments and keys, but really offers the opportunity to look at your life and start taking responsibility for where you are at and where you are going. Many blind spots were revealed and certain complexities or confusions in life not only become simplified through Ipsissimus Dave’s words, but very quickly diminished in size to become approachable and digestible. Empowering through awareness and self responsibility. Great Read.” 

—Olivia Carli, Toronto, ON

“When I first got the blue book from Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave in my hands I could already feel the powerful energy emanating from it. It is amazing how a book written by the highest initiate in a Lineage holds so much power. Every time I open a random page it is exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. It is really a book we can go back over and over to “master our lives” with so many essential keys to help us navigate through this labyrinth. They are concepts that go deep into your soul and being. I have to confess it came out in the perfect time, everybody from my family and close friends got a copy for Christmas!”
— Liza Rossi, Florianopolis, Brazil

“This book highlighted the things I’ve pushed aside and ignored for a long time. It assisisted me to become a better version of myself of who I am.
— Francene Livera, New Jersey, USA

“Everyone should have this book. The simplicity and clarity that comes from it really make such a difference. So grateful to have had a chance to read it when I did.”
— Cecile Tanmaya George, London, UK

“Deep down I think most, if not all, people desire to become better versions of themselves. There are thousands of self-help books out there, yet this is the only one I’d recommend to people. Not saying that you can’t get a lot of value from the others, but I appreciate the ability to just cut to the chase. This book is clear, concise, and direct. You don’t need to read anything else if you can master these 11 Principles that Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave has laid out. And I truly believe you will live a joyful and masterful life if you can embody these principles.”
— Rachel Miller, California, USA

“This book is packed full of magick and keys of how to live a fulfilling life. We can all improve and Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave shares very tangible ways to take stock of where we are in life and move forward.”
— Margaret Lancaster, Vermont, USA

“This book has now become a part of my regular reading because it contains so many keys and nuggets of wisdom and the more I read, the deeper it gets! I particularly love the chapter titled “you cannot leave the world if you want to change it” as it helped me unlock some deeply seeded programs around withdrawing from life to cope rather than to take challenges head on and thrive. Highly recommend 10/10.”
— Bradford White, Orlando, Florida, USA

“The controversial title belies the beauty, grace, and clarity within this book. Despite it being very direct in speaking to a lot of controversial issues and topics, you can feel the caring and love that comes through every phrase. It is one of those books you have to put down to think about what you just read, going back to reread that paragraph or chapter a few times as perspectives within your mind begin to open up in response to the keys of hermetic wisdom placed throughout. Definitely not a book to be consumed like fast food…it’s more of a 7-course meal to be imbibed and savored slowly and with care, pausing in between the courses to better digest what has already been consumed.”
— Michaela Court, Arizona, USA

“So much wisdom that makes me become more aware of myself and how I live from my authentic self! Keys to transformation that my mind cannot comprehend.”
— Yadiksha Hari, London, UK


Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon

Over his decades-long journey on the path of initiation in the Modern Mystery School, Ipsissimus Dave not only applied his business experience and acuity to the organization to exponentially expand it into over 50 countries in just a few years at the helm, but he also received the highest initiation in this tradition, that of Sovereign Ipsissimus, granting him the keys to the lineage and anchoring the vision and mission of the Mystery School for its tens of thousands of members worldwide.

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