King Salomon Healing Modality (KSHM)

Christina Mars Services

These healing modalities date back 3,500 years to King Salomon. The son of King David, King Salomon studied in spirituality and healing for his entire life. King Salomon established the greatest singular temple ever build and gathered from around the world all the head shamans, prophets, oracles, healers, medicine people and alchemists to study with him. The result of this exchange of information was the development of universal healing techniques as well as many hermetic and alchemical arts and knowledge.

This healing series is a deeply transformational process that involves many layer of the human energy system, including all the physical energy bodies – from the aura, to the chakras, to the etheric body, and more.  As humans we house our traumas in the body physically and energetically. We can release and transmute those energies, enabling us to hold the most light and balance within ourselves.

King Solomon’s Healing Modality is a series of 11 healing sessions that include:

  • The Tree of Life Healing
  • The Seal of Solomon Healing
  • Tone Healing
  • Aura Healing
  • Exorcism Healing
  • Etheric Body Healing
  • Mental Body Healing
  • Starseed Healing
  • Unified Chakra Healing
  • Celestial Code Etheric Reconstruction

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