Erin Wallace

Anthony Colli


“From a young age I have always been an activist – wanting to make the world a better place for all beings. I learned that being angry about the problems in the world did not help and that going to the root of the problem is the only way to solve it. I look at everyone who comes to see me as a God or Goddess who maybe forgot their Divinity.

I help you to own your power and reclaim your crown so you can shape your Kingdom the way you want it.

Most of the problems on Earth are from the fact that people have forgotten that they are responsible for their thoughts as those thoughts become form. If you can remember this you will shift your thoughts positively and create Heaven on Earth, or Shamballah.

I have traveled to Japan over 23 times and Toronto over 40 times to train in the Modern Mystery in the last 10 years to gather these tools and teachings. Who I am and what I do are in unison and I view this work as my holy and sacred mission. This is REAL and very POWERFUL. I am here to make an impact, so I would not offer teachings and healings that are not effective.”