Sandra Reed

Anthony Colli


As a Modern Mystery School Initiated Teacher, Healer, Guide and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon for many years, Sandra also became a Certified Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah Instructor in 2004.  Having ascended through the Levels of the Tree of Life many times and becoming a Kabbalist herself, she was prepared and fully tested to earn this certification. Since 2004, it has been her joy and privilege to lead many people on their own Kabbalistic journey of Ascensions through the Tree of Life. Many individuals even took this journey more than once in order to delve deeper into peeling away the inauthentic layers and masks that life experiences had placed over them.

Watching people grow and transform into their truly authentic selves through their Kabbalistic experience has been for Sandra and continues to be amazing and wondrous to behold!