Mind Over Water

Christina Mars MMS International

The Importance of Water in Our Life

Why is water so important in our lives? Let me start from the beginning: really, the beginning of our known history. Every creational story on this planet includes something to do with water. In the Shinto history of Japan, all things came from the water. Land was created by some drops that fell from a sword that had “cut the water.” As the sword was drawn from the water, the drops fell down to form the Japanese islands.

In Kabbalistic text, everything started with the “waters of life.” God’s mind went over the water and then land emerged. The “cutting of the water” was the spirit that mixed with the water of life and from this merger life began. Here are some examples of this:

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” – the Holy Bible

“Kamui made the world a vast round ocean.” – the Ainu of Japan

“The first Avatar was created from the environment of water.” – Hindu text

“Atum, first human God, arose from the primordial waters.”- Egyptian text

“We made from water every living thing.” – the Holy Qur`an

What does this tell us? It is a very good indication that water is something very important to us, and that water and the mind are extremely vital for our life here on earth. What does this really mean to us? Well, more simple facts are that humans are more than 70 percent water and we can affect this water with our mind. In the research that Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan has done, we see water molecules that have been exposed to the electromagnetic energy of the mind to create various effects depending on its emotional components. Several other scientists such as Dr. Rustum Roy of Arizona University and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov from Stalingrad University have supported this research. The fact is science has caught up with metaphysics and proven that the mind is important to this world.

In the ancient Mystery School tradition we have always taught about water and its importance to our human life. Water is where everything began and as Air moved in to set an intention and Fire brought will, we saw the rise of solid material: manifestation in Earth, the densest of all materia. The Water is the Prima Materia, the first matter, and is the essence of God, by whatever name we call GOD.

God as an entity is the source to us metaphysicians and in the old Kabbalistic teachings is referred to as the En-Sof. This substance called water is the beginning of all things and is the main component of the creation. But in the beginning intention came in to move the waters. This is showing us that intention needs to come into play, since intention is the driving energy of the mind. Will is energy of the primal will, which in the beginning came from the source, but then was embedded into the physical by the alchemical fusion of Air and Water. This in turn means that our own intentions and our own will are the essence to all creation in our own lives. Therefore what we wish for can become true, if done correctly.

We are all water and with intention and our own will we can change the manifestation of this water. But as we are water, we need to understand that water is the same as spirit and that the density of the physical body is only less than 30 percent of our being. We are mostly water, or spirit, or mind, and that is why we can change our mind and see changes in the physical as a result. With the correct methods that have been tried and tested for thousands of years, we can affect the creation that is us and re-create it to whatever result we want. It simply starts with thought, the main communicator of the mind. Thoughts send signals to all parts of our entity, which consists of the Spirit (Fire–Will), Soul (Air-Mind-Intention) and Physical Body. As these signals hit our spirit, a message is sent to God that we are alive and that we are wanting or desiring.

As that light hits us, our soul gets a vibration of a certain frequency that stimulates all parts of the mind and allows us to respond in different ways. One such response is: thought. As we think we create an electromagnetic pulse that reflects the light that was sent from En-Sof throughout our whole being and back to source as a confirmation of manifestation.

This is a simple process that we can imagine our whole entity being like a system of mirrors that all reflects light from the source. However sometimes these mirrors get dirty by the pollution that comes from living in this density of materia. This pollution is often from our own mind, which has created a different vibration from the one that originally came from source. This pollution is easy to handle if ones wants to, but many people choose to leave the mirrors polluted. If you however choose to clean them and have full light from source, then the methods that clean the mirrors are simple. As I said before in the Mystery School tradition we have tools that have been tried for thousands of years and used by great masters who learned to harness the full light of source.

These tools are simple and can be used by anyone. Here are a few examples of these:


The correct way of praying is a simple system but one that is free from the dogma of religion. We can pray anywhere at any time and we need no big beautiful building to do that in. We can do it on a mountain top as well as in a church or a temple; indeed Jesus and Buddha both showed us that as they prayed and meditated in the wild, under a tree, in a garden or on top of a mountain. As we pray we are praying into water.

As we send our desires through the waters of life we are connecting straight to spirit, straight to God. This we call: THE QUIET MIND OF BUDDHA!


When we learn how to meditate, we learn how to quiet our mind so that we can listen to God’s voice as we pray. Meditation helps your system become in tune to the frequency of God and the Hierarchy of Light, which include all the beings that want to help you and serve you. As we quiet our mind, we activate the Quiet Pond of Buddha and that water in the pond becomes still enough so that you can see your own reflection in the water. When you do that you will see into your own eyes and you will recognize yourself and your Godliness. You are now connected with your true self through your heart. Your ultimate love and compassion has been activated through this process. This we call: THE LOVING HEART OF CHRIST!


In a good ceremony, we become attuned to the vibration of spirit and we can feel the holiness of our own being and the creation that we are a part of.  There are many different ceremonies that we hand down in the Mystery School tradition and they are all very simple such as the Magick Circle, Protection or Kabbalistic Cross, Affirmation to Healing and Sacred Geometry Protection Rite. In doing ceremony, a person will slowly start remembering their divine nature. As the tools of ancient rituals are explored, one remembers them as something familiar. Doing this in repetition cuts through the veil of forgetfulness and the process starts reminding you of your true nature. In time you will remember and you will have a strong inner knowing that you are an eternal, galactic being!: The Avatar or Ascended Master!

Having seen the facts and how water plays a vital role in our lives, how can we utilize this knowledge in our daily lives? Water is essential for life. Below are some simple suggestions for drinking water and bathing in water.

Drinking Water:

  1. Always bless the water you are drinking.
  2. Always think HAPPY and JOY thoughts into your water before drinking it.
  3. Always think: This water is PURE!
  4. Always choose the best quality of water to drink if you have a choice.
  5. Thank the water for nurturing your body after you drink it.

Bathing in Water:

  1. Please wash your body BEFORE entering the holy water, come pure and clean to God.
  2. As you fill the bathtub with water bless the water, make it holy.
  3. Add sea salt to the water for detoxification and purification purposes.
  4. As you enter the water do it slowly and meditate on its substance, as it is the same as yours. Feel yourself merging with the essence of Spirit and become one with God.
  5. While in the water pray and meditate for some time.  It is best to have low lighting and soft music playing as you bathe.
  6. Bathe often: A minimum of one time per day, preferably twice a day if possible.

We also use water for cooking and other things so always be aware of the essence that you are using and how holy it is. Make water something special in your life as it is indeed very special and should be considered as such. Water is the essence of life and we need a better relationship with water in our daily lives. Please start thinking good thoughts into water since as we know, it will remember you and as we go on after this physical life we are going back to these memories,
becoming one with them, so make them good now.

I hope this has been helpful and that you will become a better friend with our best friend: WATER!