Chapter 3: To Save the World

Christina Mars MMS International

Available NOW on YouTube… the third instalment of the Modern Mystery School documentary series, Living in Full Empowerment L.I.F.E.! Chapter 3: To Save The World The world needs help. It’s easy to see. There is so much that needs fixing. But how? How can a single person create lasting change? Hear the stories of Jordan Bain and Logan Yonavjak as they share …

Introducing LIFE: The Modern Mystery School Documentary

Christina Mars MMS International

We are very pleased to announce the launch of a very special project. This is project that Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave believed in so much that he pushed it to be created for the MMS: A collaboratively produced docu-series created with the purpose of sharing YOUR stories. The authentic and heartfelt stories of initiates in the lineage of King Salomon. Available NOW on …

Lineage milestone: 7 goddesses initiated as Ipsissimus

Christina Mars MMS International

The path of initiation may appear finite to some, but those who serve the Light know that the journey is infinite. Initiates step on the path, and some choose to walk it as far as they can, through the gateways of initiation along the way. There’s a select few initiates who have walked this path a long way. To those …

Video: Women of the Council in the MMS Movie

Christina Mars MMS International

The Divinas of the Western World sit down and discuss what it means to be a leader in The Modern Mystery School and their passion for service. In this video they dive into a range of topics such as healing, archetypes, victimhood, masculine and feminine energies and so much more.

Video: Where are we heading to — Paradise or Apocalypse? Interview with Ipsissimus Dave

Christina Mars MMS International

“Where are we heading to — Paradise or Apocalypse?” was the theme for Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon when interviewed by Romanian initiate and TV journalist Roxana Ioana MAI.  They had a great discussion about the state of the world, the mind, the nature of relationships, communication, love, money, success and spirituality. Check out the interview (in English with Romanian subtitles)!  

Frequently Asked Questions of the Modern Mystery School

Aleks Ceho MMS International

If you have questions around the concept and practices of Initiation, how to begin studying with us, and about our certification process, there’s lots of great information for you to delve into to get a feel for our Lineage and how we operate internationally.

Video: On Discernment with Dave Lanyon

Christina Mars Featured, MMS International

In this video, Modern Mystery School lineage holder, Ipsisismus Dave Lanyon speaks on Discernment. Discernment is a key of understanding in the mystery school tradition. We see its importance stressed on the path of initiation, in studying the Kabbalah, Hermetics and Alchemy. Discernment is not only about spirituality, it is about making decisions in life that support goodness and joy.