How to use the 4 Elements to overcome stagnation

Aleks Ceho Soul

In many parts of the world, Covid-19 has brought about many lockdowns, closures and restrictions to everyday life. Without commenting on politics, logic or necessity of what we have gone through in the past year, instead, I’d like to call the energy out for what it is — I’ve noticed a common theme from all the people who have reached out to me worldwide — the feeling of being at a standstill.

If we take a look at the magick of the Runes, you could say that we’ve been sitting in the energy of Isa – the rune of ice, stagnation, standstills, and hibernation. Like a frog frozen in the ice during winter, life has been in a state of suspended animation. No answers, no clarity, no line of sight to see what’s coming on the horizon other than the feeling of more of the same.

The toughest part about stagnation is that it goes against our very human nature. Human nature progresses, it moves forward. To stagnate and regress feels so awful because it runs contrary to your human essence. It takes a lot of humility to admit that you have faced a situation that is beyond your control. But remember – not everything is and you can effect positive change in your life, even if the possibilities seem limited.

This suspended animation everyone has been dealing with has arisen from something beyond your control, and while it is hard to accept, it doesn’t mean that life has to stop. It’s so easy to get fixated on the things that aren’t progressing in your life that you can easily forget other important things that matter.

This is the time to remember that you are a multi-faceted and infinite being, and while there may be aspects of your life that aren’t flowing the way you want, there are many other things that you can grow and progress towards. Don’t hold yourself in stagnation when there are so many other possibilities for growth!

In times like this, words from the Book of Runes come to mind: “When fishermen can’t go to sea, they repair nets.”

In the spirit of growth, it’s a great time to look at life from a higher perspective. Since we are beings who partake of the 4 elements, here’s a framework so that you can look at life more thoroughly and see where growth is possible for you. Feel free to use this exercise to return some expansion and a sense of accomplishment to your life.

  • Take some time to reflect on the aspects of each element, one at a time. Which aspect of each element stands out to you?
Earth Water Air Fire
Physical Health Emotions Mind Spirit
Home Intuition Communication Passion
Family Relationships Learning Creativity
Finances Self-Love Liveliness Will


  • Choose 1 aspect from each element – you can choose based on priority, your intuition or even based on your ability to act (remember, if you can’t go to sea, repair your nets).
  • Take some time with the 4 aspects that you’ve chosen. Why has that aspect stagnated? How can you create progress?
  • Create a list of actions/steps you can take to make forward progress.

Don’t forget to choose an aspect from each element. Human beings thrive when all 4 elements are in balance! When we are missing or neglecting a particular element, we limit our growth and expansion – so embrace balance in all areas!

Don’t forget, progress is possible! Embrace your multi-faceted nature and remember all the things you’ve wanted for yourself. Don’t obsess over what you feel you can’t have and embrace the blessings that have always been there!

Reflect, discern, and implement your way to success! I know you can do it!