I discovered a unique way of living life

Christina Mars

When I joined the Mystery School I wasn’t looking for anything particular, I went in with an open mind and was just interested in the idea of “Magick”. What I discovered was a unique way of living life. The application of the teachings, advice, and knowledge changed my actions and thoughts for the better and most importantly with tangible evidence to back it up. From change on a larger scale like getting new work contracts to, what I deem more important, small nuanced changes to the way I look at each moment scattered throughout the day.

Little-by-little there has been an unravelling of empowerment in so many aspects of my life. I am grateful for the knowledge, tools and teachings of the lineage, these things act as a constant reminder and compass in my life. This empowerment has been clear not only to me personally, but can also be seen in others, whether I’ve directly interacted with them or not. The lineage’s ability to impact such a significant change in an individual is powerful and to be around a large group of people who are all trying share this with others is indescribable. The capacity for this to happen could not be made possible, at the very least – for myself, without the guidance of Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon. He has always supported me with authenticity and care and has acted as an excellent measure of good decision and action.