“Life can be meaningful, joyful and purpose-driven”

Aleks Ceho

Before this work, I was a renaissance man without a cause. I did what I wanted without much regard for others. I was selfish, and narrow-minded. Now, 9 years later, I know way less than I thought I did coming in, ha! I spend much more time inquiring, meditating, LISTENING rather than judging others (and I could judge with the …

One Activation brought Clarity, Peace, and Focus…

Aleks Ceho

Born a Muslim in China, later joined a church myself, I always queried about what this life was about, and what this world was about. Not lacking financial means and skills, and appeared successful and put-together from the outside, while drowning in negativity,  screaming for help on the inside I was,  blame, fear and anger was where I ended up when faced …

As my inner world and mind changed, my outer world changed, too

Christina Mars

I look back at the person that I was when I first started taking classes wit the MMS and I can hardly believe it. It’s hard for me to write my journey because I don’t really remember the person I used to be. She seems so far away.  Here’s what I do remember: I struggled with a severe eating disorder …

I was on a mission to find the light

Christina Mars

I am Yadiksha Hari and I am a Guide, Teacher, Healer and student in the Modern Mystery School. From my life experiences I was convinced that there was more darkness within in the world and started to lose hope in believing that light existed on this planet. That darkness I refer to is hurt, pain, people being mean, gossip, false …

A richer life of meaning and deeper sense of purpose

Christina Mars

I felt the experience was beyond words. My drive for more continued to grow and expand over the years being a part of the school. The more I’ve learned over the years, the more it’s opened me up to even more questions, which to me has provided a richer life of meaning and deeper sense of purpose.

Lifelong Journey

Christina Mars

Hi there. My name is Spencer Bronzi. I am a first step Ritual Master within the Lineage of King Salomon. It has been around 4 years since I first received my Life Activation and took Empower Thyself.  From my personal experience it’s hard to say exactly what kind of space I was in at the time but it was typical. …

On the verge of a major life change

Christina Mars

I got asked once if I realize how much my life has changed since I found the mystery school, and I can say that is a massive understatement.   When I first did Empower Thyself I was on the verge of a major life change and at the time I did not understand how doing that class would help.   …

Life-Long Spiritual Seeker

Christina Mars

Not only has this school provided me with educational and professional value that are priceless in measure, I have formed life-long friendships and support systems that money cannot buy.

Living life alive and active!

Anthony Colli

Thankfully I discovered the Modern Mystery School provided a sacred lineage structure, a complete system of healing, teaching, and a path of initiation that would support me in my evolution to becoming who I came here to be.