“My life is full and bountiful!” – Kelly reflects on her path

Aleks Ceho

I am feeling grateful today! I am reflecting on the decision I made that put me on my path towards fulfilling my life purpose – my destiny. I had no idea at the time that I was missing something in my life, but when I got a taste of it, I knew there was no turning back.  The path of spiritual progression I …

A better mother for my daughters…

Christina Mars

When I found the Modern Mystery School in 2007 a new chapter in my life started to unfold…. a  chapter of love, hope, healing , magick, miracles, adventure, honesty, expansion, manifestation and so much more.    The day I had my Life Activation and did Empower Thyself I could not even imagine the benefits that unfolded for me in the years …

My life has transformed

Christina Mars

Ever since I was a child, passionate about understanding what brings us together as humans, I had been seeking answers to the deeper questions of life. Who am I, why am I here, what is this life really about. Sensitive and attuned to energy, I have been on a quest to answering more of these questions, with every waking breath. …

I was on a mission to find the light

Christina Mars

I am Yadiksha Hari and I am a Guide, Teacher, Healer and student in the Modern Mystery School. From my life experiences I was convinced that there was more darkness within in the world and started to lose hope in believing that light existed on this planet. That darkness I refer to is hurt, pain, people being mean, gossip, false …

It shifted my life entirely

Christina Mars

In 2018 I had an intense push to begin seeking a spiritual path that would lead me to a higher sense of Joy, Wisdom, Freedom and Self-Love. After several magical and serendipitous events, I found someone who gave me a Life Activation. It showed me with great clarity a piece of myself that needed healing along with the message, “I …

I discovered a unique way of living life

Christina Mars

When I joined the Mystery School I wasn’t looking for anything particular, I went in with an open mind and was just interested in the idea of “Magick”. What I discovered was a unique way of living life. The application of the teachings, advice, and knowledge changed my actions and thoughts for the better and most importantly with tangible evidence …

If you are looking for a sign, this is it

Christina Mars

It’s something that finds you and whispers in the breeze that brushes by. It’s a call; one that only you can answer. Give yourself the gift of your own experience.

Today I can say I live a life full of JOY

Anthony Colli

I am from Brazil, I grew up in an amazing family, worked as an architect in Los Angeles, traveled a lot, both for vacation and work around the world. I can say I have an amazing life, a life that many would dream of. How did I do it? I come from a catholic family, used to go to church …

Call me a dreamer, I stand for our potential

Anthony Colli

It is a fascinating journey and I am incredibly grateful for the teachings I received through the Modern Mystery School, which has held the ancient hermetic teachings in such sacredness while making them available to all in today’s world.

Finding spirituality, finding family

Anthony Colli

I was always a bit different. In high school, I was lucky enough to have born at the same time as a pretty amazing group of people who called me their friend. I have heard that high school is rough for most, and I was no exception. I felt like a fish out of water. I didn’t play sports, unless …