As my inner world and mind changed, my outer world changed, too

Christina Mars

I look back at the person that I was when I first started taking classes wit the MMS and I can hardly believe it. It’s hard for me to write my journey because I don’t really remember the person I used to be. She seems so far away. 

Here’s what I do remember: I struggled with a severe eating disorder and anxiety. I lived with a physically abusive man. I could barely hold down a job because of my stress levels. Even though I made plenty of money there was never enough. I felt like I was drowning. 

My soul just wanted to feel free. I wanted to know my purpose. I wanted to spend my days making the difference I dreamed of, and to find a place I could develop myself spiritually. 

I wound up travelling all over the world looking for that school, and found it in my own city. In a ‘random’ yoga studio I met a woman who did Life Activations. She said she could help me, and she did. 

The Life Activation lit something up in me. It’s not like all my problems went away, but this sense woke up in me that everything was going to be okay. The Life Activation started a process of me seeing the places in my life that needed to change. Things I’d hidden under the rug were coming to the surface. I started meditating more and wanting to spend more time by myself. 

Then I took the Empower Thyself training. There I learned tools and a daily spiritual practice that I was told would help me heal myself. I did the 10 minute practice morning and night, without fail. (My OCD forced me to do it.)

And just like I was told by my Guide Christina Lozano, I started to heal. 

A brief list of the things I noticed after the Empower Thyself:

🕉 I started to let go of stress I was holding onto. 
💟 I started to make better choices in my life. 
🕉 I started to forgive myself. 
💟 I started to forgive others. 
🕉 I stopped starving myself. 
💟 I was able to be around other people without taking on their energy. 
🕉 I was better able at handling life’s stress. 
💟 I left the abusive man after a year of trying.  
🕉 I moved to a new city and doubled my salary. 

Since my intuition wanted to take more classes, and I saw myself changing, I kept attending the Mystery School. Every class I took it felt more like a remembering than a teaching. 

I met hundreds (if not thousands) of students. And I watched us all change – dramatically – over the years. I had empowering and nurturing teachers like Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, and Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome . As well as Divina Franca Lanyon, Divina Martina Coogan, the Oracle Verla L Wade, Divina Liza Rossi, Divina Rita van den Berg, Aleksandra Ceho, Kathleen Lanyon, Eric Thompson and so many more. My friends became my teachers.

We started to look different. We dressed better, felt better about ourselves, took off masks. Some became more humble, some became more confident. Whatever it was for them, I saw my friends becoming happier. 

But change comes from the alchemical journey. Some times I was in the purifying fire, and it was uncomfortable. 


You can either turn away from looking at where you need to evolve and go back to old patterns, or you can change. 

Progression wasn’t always easy. As the Light came in, its sister Life kept giving me the opportunities to see my shadows in the outside world. 

Sometime I rocked it, sometimes I messed up,  or kept making mistakes. I said things I wish I could take back. I treated people in ways I wish I hadn’t. There were people I wish I understood better. I wish I’d stood up for myself more. My ego battled me every step of the way. Some days I fell to my knees, feeling the weight of my depression and anxiety. But still I stepped forward. Still I woke up and said, today I’m going to keep trying to find my happiness. 

But never would I ever blame my experiences on someone else. That gives away my power and my self-responsibility. 

Everything that the Light and Life gives you is opportunities to learn. 

So that’s what I chose to do. I turned mistakes in lessons. Sometimes it would take me doing the same thing 10, 20, 100 times, but eventually I learned. 

And I started to feel stronger. The mean voice in my head was slowly being replaced by a kind and loving one. The more compassion I found for myself the more compassion I had for others. 

As my inner world and mind changed, my outer world changed, too. 

The Modern Mystery School did not fix my problems. Only I could do that. But the School has helped me break through my internal resistances again and again, create a wonderful and abundant life and serve more and more every year. 

So I travel around our beautiful country bringing these tools to others. 

And if you’re read this long and your heart longs for something more, I would love to talk to you to see if I can help.