Authentically Knowing Myself in the Light

Anthony Colli

I’ve mostly always felt more connected to galactic beings than human beings but was always deeply curious about the human condition and purpose within the greater context of reality. When I was in pre-med at 19 I became aware that everything is energy, I’m not my body, God is real and the way to make deep and lasting transformation and growth for people was through understanding the energy behind thoughts, emotions, physical manifestation. I knew that if humans could heal their core issues they could live in states of joy unfathomable to most people. I realized I was here to be a shaman, not a doctor of western medicine, but finished my degree while doing my own personal exploration of these other dimensions.

When I graduated I went full force into every spiritual study I could find. I was looking for a clean and pure path to God that wasn’t filtered through ego or dogma. I just wanted to know myself, heal myself and heal the world so all humans could live in pure joy of being and knowing God, my ultimate goal for coming to Earth. Trying to do this on my own was extremely difficult and isolating. I was pulled further and further away from mainstream reality and hit wall after wall of my own shadow showing up as drug use, toxic relationships, self destructive and risky behavior. The whole time being like “why is my life this way when I have this supposed deep understanding of reality and consciousness.”

I finally gave up and this is when I got Life Activated and Initiated in the Modern Mystery School. This was the beginning of authentically knowing myself in the Light. That was 10 years ago and when I feel like my life really began. The world became brighter so I could actually see where I was holding myself back. I healed family relationships, had stronger boundaries so I can more easily live in this world with an open heart and know what is me and what isn’t, and discernment to know what is Light and what isn’t. I quit smoking weed which I never thought I’d be able or want to do, and most days I feel pretty hopeful about the future regardless of what is going on in the world. My perspective and vision is continuously expanding and deepening and it’s more thrilling than any intoxicants.
In a world of confusion, lost souls, new age crap, and spiritual egos everywhere, this Mystery School is an authentic lineage guaranteed to anchor true Light of God into your life permanently so that you can be your true self in the world, not hindered by traumas, and live with true joy. I know from experience. Now I’m a Guide in the school and can activate and Initiate you if you’re interested. There is hope. Either way I hope all humans find their peace and joy in life and live their authentic purpose.