A better mother for my daughters…

Christina Mars

When I found the Modern Mystery School in 2007 a new chapter in my life started to unfold…. a  chapter of love, hope, healing , magick, miracles, adventure, honesty, expansion, manifestation and so much more.    The day I had my Life Activation and did Empower Thyself I could not even imagine the benefits that unfolded for me in the years to come.    

I have lots of things to be grateful for in my life… but the decision I made in 2007 to join the Modern Mystery School was one of the best decisions I made in my life.    Directly because of this path I chose and the transformation it brings to my life I grew to be a much better mother for my daughters, a better person and a much better therapist than I was before.   I have joy that I just dreamed of in 2007.  

My Guide told me back then that this path is an ancient one and that I can trust it.  Looking at my life now the proof is all around me…  the fruits of this journey is touchable.  I am eternally grateful.   

In this School I have met amazing people that became very close friends.   I met and had the privilege of being taught by very wise teachers.    I had the direct experience of respect, love, patience and wisdom when I encountered my teachers every step of the way.  They touched my life and my heart and allowed me to transform with all the patience and love in the world.    Thank you!   

I can recommend the journey with the Modern Mystery School…. it is life changing!