By the far the greatest gift I have received

Christina Mars

I feel so very lucky that I live the life that I live. I have a wonderful relationship with my husband, I live in a gorgeous house in a lovely area of London, I have a country home, a beach home in the Bahamas. I have a Phd, Im also the founder of a global company which helps thousands of children every day with their mental and emotional wellbeing and im having fun ! Now I’m English, so blowing my own trumpet is not really the done thing LOL So why start my testimonial off like this.. well because it wasn’t always like this. To get where I am has taken discipline, patience and what I call magick. 

Magick is the ability to transform nothing into something and something into something else. And the above I created from nothing into something and then into something else … I didn’t just wake upon day and live this life. 

I want to also be clear, I do have down days and I do have many challenges. In fact I have more challenges now than I ever did.. why ? Because I do way more than I ever have yet here is where the magick kicks in again. Its doesn’t FEEL like I have more challenges as I can deal with them quickly in a balanced fashion. These challenges do not define my day which means I am the master of my day the captain of my ship. 
Why do I mention this, because it wasn’t always this way ! LOL So how can I do all the above and still have the capacity for more whereas 20 years ago I struggled to run one business and how down any meaningful relationships …. What is the difference ? 
My training at the Modern Mystery School! 

Studying in the royal lineage of King Salomon, studying Hermetics, the hidden sciences in order to learn how to master physicality  Which is a work in progress. I don’t claim to be perfect at everything or indeed have the answers to all questions however I do have the tools to get better and to find out the answer. This is true empowerment of the Path. 
It all started when I was searching as a child asking the questions, staring at the curtains for hours, I could never sleep as a child, asking myself… what is this all about. How do I get to know what the world is all about. What am I here to do ? 

I found life hard because I was sensitive, I didn’t feel like I fitted in, I felt the world was quite cruel, I was a vegetarian from a very young age, growing up around dairy farmers in the English country side in the 80’s … there wasn’t any alternate milks on the self in those days ! LOL I always felt like the odd one out, I struggled in large crowds however I was good at acting, that is what I called it. So I pretended to be confident. 
I created what we call,  a mask, to cope with life. Eventually I programmed myself to live from this mask … which meant the real me got shut away for a very long time. This eventually caused so much stress in my body and mind it simple broke. I had cancer at the age of 28. I had successful business, and previously had a career in TV/Film, I was popular, I was night club promotor in the evening. I was on the business scene as a mover n shaker (I think they is what they are called ! ) I was nominated Grazia business woman off the year and all the bells that come with being in the business world yet I drank and stayed up partying most of my off time to cope with it all. I lived in a world where that type of coping was celebrated,  rather than the alarm bells ringing that perhaps something was a miss. 

Getting sick was likely the sliding doors moment in my life, it gave me a chance to make a choice and decide what type of life I wanted to lead. I wanted to be well, be happy and comfortable. I was in so much pain physically and mentality I had completely switched off and felt absolutely nothing. Now I know that is so far from who I really am it was no wonder I was I ill. The real me feels everything. 

So was it a magick wand that changed it all ? Well, no not quite, but yes! It was a session called a life activation which a shamanic wand is used. I mean lets face it, it sounds far fetched, but here am I as living proof that it works. Not only for me but for the many people that I have worked with over the past 11 years. So it can’t be a coincidence, it works every time. Does it work in the same way ? No, it doesn’t and this is why I love it. The magick of it is that it works with you and where you are and where you are going. It helps you to find your piece of the puzzle for the greater mission.

The Great Work is the mission, to know thyself, to be able to be the  greatest version of you so that you can share your gifts with humanity. To help to make change, to be a force of good in the world. Without a doubt in my mind the Modern Mystery’s School path and teachings gave me the tools to take my self from a mediocre life to living a life full of magick, wellbeing, love, compassion, peace, friendship, abundance, adventure and much more. Each of my teachers have taken care of me along the way, to show me my greatness by never allowing me to be less than my best. Ipsisumuss Dave never stops cheering me on, encouraging me, having faith in me and from this experience I try to be that person for others that I guide. 

This path has empowered me, it showed  me how to heal my self and even better how to help others… that is by the far the greatest gift I have received. 

There is so much more I can say and maybe one day I will put pen to paper but for now the above is my testimonial on how anyone is capable of building themselves a world that they love … whatever that is for you !