By far the most powerful thing I have done

Anthony Colli

I have been studying and serving with the Modern Mystery School International for a good number of years. I liked it  enough to become a Teacher/Guide/Healer in the same tradition. As much as I labor to serve, I also experience many conversations with my own students about what a blessing this has been for them and how positively transformative it has been. Was my own experience perfect in execution? No. But what is? I have been an academic, a neuroscientist, lecturer, mental health worker, martial arts instructor, energy worker, a successful entrepreneur and owner and developer of a national brand…. but this has been by far the most powerful thing I’ve done. I have no regrets. And I have gratitude for this lineage and gratitude to those who have taught me, those who learned alongside me and those I have the privilege to serve. This world is better with The Modern Mystery School.