One Activation brought Clarity, Peace, and Focus…

Aleks Ceho

Born a Muslim in China, later joined a church myself, I always queried about what this life was about, and what this world was about.

Not lacking financial means and skills, and appeared successful and put-together from the outside, while drowning in negativity,  screaming for help on the inside I was,  blame, fear and anger was where I ended up when faced with any issues.

I wanted to change, I would hop on a plane upon hearing of some guru, therapist, coach or method. Many trainings of all kinds I went unto, yet not much changed, or, no change really sustained, until I had a Life Activation, from someone trained in the Modern Mystery School, in the year 2017.

Clarity, peace and focus I started to experience with just that one activation,
Empower Thyself & Initiation further solidified that change in my life; 
my health improved, so has every other aspect of my life.

Naturally, I went to get trained by the School, so I can share what I experienced with those I love and to the world. Now I am a Guide in the Modern Mystery School, with many methods and modalities under my belt to serve others. My learning will never cease, my own healing will carry on, my capacity to serve others will expand to no end.

The Modern Mystery School offers so many tools and methods that are so effective that I would use the word Magic to describe them, although we ourselves need to put in work too.

The activations and initiations of the Mystery School truly assist me to see what this life is about and what this world is about, at the same time of healing me, thus revealing the divine and powerful me. I am now able to feel joy, expansion and positivity daily, sprung from my own inner being.

Give Life Activation and Empower Thyself a try, will you? Your life might just change for the better too, in all aspects.