Discovering Love and Purpose

Christina Mars

The Modern Mystery School is not for everyone, and for me, it saved my Soul.

In 2014, I knew what I wanted was Love. I knew what I wanted was Life Purpose. Yet, I was having trouble with both. It came to the realization that I wasn’t really bringing Love into my life and that Love was all I truly wanted. This realization caused me to start asking some difficult questions. I asked myself if I was on the right path in life, in career, and ultimately in Service to others. I asked myself Who and What I was and what I was here to do. I asked God for help in navigating my next chapters of self discovery. I offered up my career as a trade, something scary. I offered up everything I knew and was familiar with in exchange for a way to SERVE more people than I was currently. I also wanted to find Love. I didn’t know they went hand in hand. My prayers were answered, in two parts. I was given two choices. One was a relationship that was exactly what I thought I wanted and one that would have been full of beauty, love, family, vacations and thoughtfulness. The other was something totally different. It was a relationship that was full of mystery. It would not be easy, it would force me to face myself and it put everything into question. One that would teach me the importance of Choice. I chose the latter. 

I chose to walk through the door of Mystery, and allow myself to experience new things, and question my own beliefs. I chose to become aware of my subconscious patterns and ways of being that trapped me in a loop. The hamster wheel as I called it. I chose to get off the wheel and look at it. I chose to look at everything. Every dark corner of my mind. Every locked door in my heart. Every strong opinion based on fear of being wrong or hearing inconvenient truths. I faced myself and I did not like what I saw. This was MY experience with becoming an “Initiate on the Path of Know Thyself.” 

Once I began to look at myself, I realized that I was in pretty rough shape emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I needed healing. Through my studies of Kabbalah and Healing I started to notice a shift in myself and a shift in my outer world. Firstly I noticed that I was shunned and shamed and made fun of by people I thought were my friends. The very few friends that asked me questions about the school were not asking me how I felt, but rather why the school charged me money, or how I could advance to these levels of knowledge and wisdom without it taking decades. People judged me. But that faded as I stopped caring about the naysayers. I started listening to those quietly saying “Thank you for sharing” and those special few who stepped forward to receive treatments from me, or sit in one of my meditation classes. I started listening to my own heart. I started liking who I saw in the mirror. I began loving myself and I began asking for more out of that self love. I felt more deserving of Love, Money, Joy, Connection, Community, & Purpose. I felt I owed God to share my experiences with others, for the blessing He showered me with. I had found this Love and Purpose. I found it all within MYSELF.

Once I started to see the fruits of my work in Theoretical studies and Practical application, I started to wonder what else I could achieve. This is where Magick comes in. Magick with a K. Magick is the scientific method mixed with desire. It is a desired result, put to the test of trial and error. It is not usually an overnight success. Until it is. Magick, properly performed, will be in alignment with the Highest Good of all involved. Not Manipulation and Greed. That works too, but I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in Love, Empowerment, Freedom & Joy. Science is the current language of Metaphysics, and Magick is the Art of Science. The practical application of science in one’s own life. That is True Magick. The Modern Mystery School teaches these magickal tools and others for a fair exchange. Our school is truly about the Free Will of humans and the ultimate freedom of the Soul and Spirit. It is truly about Empowering the individual to become the Cause in his/her own life, and that begins with the equal exchange for goods and services.

The Modern Mystery School saved my Soul. Before I found the school I was so lost, so disillusioned, so bitter, and so angry. I was losing hope, and I didn’t know if I would ever be able to change that.

And now? 

My life is full of Hope, Faith, Joy and Love! I am so Grateful. I feel so Blessed. I’m making more money than I dreamed possible and I’ve found the Love of my life! I now have lofty goals that I know I’ll achieve because I have the evidence and the proof! My life is my scientific experiment! The alchemical tools I have had “handed down from mouth to ear” in this sacred tradition have changed my entire life for the better! My bucket list goals which at one point were merely wishful thinking have now become five year goals. I’m now certain I will achieve all that I want in this life and much much more. I owe a great deal of this unwavering faith to the hard work and devotion of the men and women that are the The Modern Mystery School. 

I study myself and learn. I apply the teachings to my own life by choice. I receive fruitful results from my choices, and I share that Light freely with others, and because of that, I too am the Modern Mystery School.