I’ve healed many layers, I believe in myself

Christina Mars

Prior to my Life Activation in 2012, I was dreaming of owning my own place. Based on all the articles, it felt impossible in Toronto, especially as a single woman making near minimum wage. Yet when the opportunity presented itself, I almost rejected it because I didn’t know how I could do it, if I could do it. When I got my Life Activation, my inner voice reminded me of possibility, that it was safe, and that I could do it, so I signed papers for my first place. This is just one clear, financial, example of the result of the Life Activation in this path – the stronger inner voice, having hope and believing in possibility, the courage to say Yes and the Universe/God/PowersThatBe supporting you.

I took Empower Thyself later that year, and there was a sense of things clicking. Between this and having the tools to cultivate 10x more capacity, I was able to handle stress better, work through stuff faster, and make more of my dreams into reality. Since then, I have been making 6-figures multiple years, I have better relationships, I’ve healed many layers, I believe in myself more. I’ve become more of who I am without the immigrant experience or colonization/racism that described so much of my life, and BEYOND that.

I’m grateful for my Guide, and the Modern Mystery School for being open to the public. The energy of the Lineage that comes through is safest and cleanest, dare I say purest. Stepping into the center is like stepping into a sacred peaceful world. The administration and its leaders hold themselves in high integrity and honour you as who you really are, whether you’re the student/guest, or helping during classes or programs, it’s consistent.