Finding spirituality, finding family

Anthony Colli

I was always a bit different. In high school, I was lucky enough to have born at the same time as a pretty amazing group of people who called me their friend. I have heard that high school is rough for most, and I was no exception. I felt like a fish out of water. I didn’t play sports, unless you count one year of basketball. I liked art, music and suuuuuuper nerdy video games. I was bullied – physically, some, verbally a lot more. But my friends always stuck by me. They didn’t care what anyone thought of them being friends with me. We laughed a lot, went on all the adventures we could, and they made the hell that was those four years…well, let’s just say they helped me through it.

They stuck by me in my 20’s, with my newfound freedom from my parents love and support, replaced with a giant chip on my shoulder, I was free to disregard almost everyone around me. Myself included. I built up mountains around me of unaddressed issues, and I escaped with drugs and alcohol – and a lot of both. This lead to even more mountains around me comprised of unpaid bills, maxed out loans, credit cards, and a very sizeable line of credit. All-in-all, I was into a debt that was in the range of six figures. Not so impossible when you have multiple social circles, party with a different one every night, buy pretty much all of the alcohol and drugs (again, low self esteem), and nobody has any idea that you are partying 6 nights a week, trying desperately to get as far away from yourself as possible. All the while, my friends from high school stood by me. 

In my 30’s, I found spirituality.


What IS spirituality? Is it meditating for hours on end? Reading every book on the subject? Religion? Philosophy? Yoga? Chakras, mudras, karma, dharma, lamas? Flowy pants? Crystals? Veganism, breatharianism? What is it? What is spirituality to you? Honestly, yes…also no…but maybe? I don’t drink anymore. Don’t hold it against me, I don’t if you do! But possibly, if you were up to it, we could meet up and talk about it over a cup of tea…or a triple espresso…depending on what time of day it is.


Anyway, I “found” spirituality. I was (again) lucky enough to have a friend not give up on me. She offered to do a Life Activation session for me, and I eventually “humoured” her and took her up on it. It really did change my life. No, it wasn’t like a stop smoking hypnotist. There was no hypnosis involved (I know, I practice it now). It is an energy healing session. From there, I started to find more self confidence, and my life was gaining momentum. I attended Empower Thyself a year later, also part of the Modern Mystery School, and my life really took off. I went clean and sober on that day (save for one occasion a couple weeks later). I started to take responsibility for my life, and it started to move forward in leaps and bounds. 

The thing is, as I did these healing sessions, and took classes, I started to feel more like myself. More like pre-high school…happy, strong, balanced. I shed(am currently shedding) the weight of all of the shit that was put on me in those four years. I became strong, like those people that called me their friend in high school, and whom I still call my friends today. I got to the point where I really don’t care what people think of me for hanging out with someone who is different. 

And the Modern Mystery School is most certainly that. In a time where everyone is blaming everyone else, their philosophy is that to blame someone else is to give away your power to them. Nobody, but you, is in control of how you act in the present moment. Yes, your past did happen to you, but it is not you. You CHOOSE how you move forward. In a time where substance abuse is normalized, their emphasis is on the fact that EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS WITHIN YOU. This means that you don’t need to rely on an external source for support and/or your progression (yes, this includes the MMS. But I’ll get to that later). In a time where people are isolated (oooohhhhhhhh yes, I very much mean pre-covid), and communication is generally absolutely awful. In a time where battle lines are being drawn, everyone in society seems to be extremely polarized (I mean extremely in reference to scale), the Modern Mystery School’s mission is world peace. Not a world where everyone believes the same thing and thinks alike (that is terrifying to me). No. What if world peace was people HAVING DIFFERENT perspectives, different beliefs, and yet, respecting one another enough to accept that they have that point of view? **So long as that belief, action or point of view is not harming anyone or taking away another’s free will** Yes, in a time like this, that WOULD sound crazy. Pretty much anything that goes against “normal” is deemed “crazy” or “weird”. But what is normal?

These people in this school and the tools therein have helped me become the man I am today. I am me, and have been these last few years for the first time in over 15 years. Now, if this concerns you, you have to really ask yourself why the thought of someone struggling with addictions, apathy and suicidal thoughts is more normal to you.  No, I don’t care at all what people think of me, but I very much do care when people are trying to throw dirt on people who are genuinely trying to help others. These people, for me, have been:

The council of 12 Women who lead the Modern Mystery School, titled “Divina” as they exemplify what it means to be an Empowered woman

 – Divina Franca Lanyon

 – Divina Eiko Gudnason

 – Divina Luisa Nakagome

 – Divina Liza Rossi

 – Divina Dr. Kate Baartam-Brown

 – Divina Dr. Rita van den Berg

 – Divina Dr. Ann Donnelly

 – Divina Dr. Theresa Bullard

 – Divina Tsukiko Kimura

 – Divina Maki Onani

 – Divina Suzuki Kitamura

 – Divina Yoda Asuza

My teachers, not named above:

Martina Coogan, Verla Wade, Sandy, Eric Thompson, Peter Lozano, Sylwester Organka

The team that makes all of this possible – impossible as it may be!

Kathleen Lanyon, Christina Lozano, Christina Beccera

My Kabbalah teacher, being steadfast, patient and balanced while we go through the process of deep self work, thank you Christina Lozano

My Guide, who is always there to listen to what is going on with me, and be my sounding board…such as me typing a two page text message to get a two word response! HAHAHA Love you Aleksandra Ceho

The Holders of this Hermetic Lineage, who support the entire school worldwide

The Founder of the Modern Mystery School

Who serves as a reminder of what it really means to live a multi dimensional life with all of the projects he is involved in. Who shows what it means to carry yourself royally, and yet still very much be humble. Who has on more than one occasion given help to a friend who was ill – even though that person did not train in the School, and who never may. Who, when he heard I was starting an initiative to support men’s mental wellness, took the time to offer wisdom of how a man can be balanced.

Thank you Founder Gudni Gudnason

The two men who hold the title of Ipsissimus, the highest title one can hold in this Hermetic Lineage

For reminding us to appreciate the beauty and the poetry of life. Setting an example of someone who is a peaceful warrior, who is balanced and unshakable. And for reminding me to be honest.

Thank you Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome

For holding your ground, making me stronger than I ever thought I could be. For your honesty and integrity. For helping me become that wall that does not let cycles of hate, abuse and evil pass. For your and Divina Franca’s help, giving us so many things to make our new baby comfortable, and all the advice you have given me, and taking time out of your day of being a father, husband, leader of a worldwide organization of light workers to listen to me when I’m going through a tough time. For believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and for not giving up. You don’t push people, you never stop being there for them. You are always there, with your hand outstretched, waiting to pull people up.

Thank you, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon

For being there with me through my journey of personal growth – hard as it must have been at times. Through all of the ups and downs – you always put a smile on your face and made me feel better. You are an amazing partner and a wonderful mother. You are strong, wise, caring, passionate, goofy…you are my perfect partner. No, you are not perfect, but you are perfect for me. I love you Sarah Hauch.

So, those are my friends. Along with countless others, those of the 2000 individuals actively training with the Modern Mystery School who I know, as well as those who I know of the   48,000   students over the last 20 years who have gotten what they need from the school, in whatever capacity, and no longer attend classes. Yes,   50,000   students over the past 20 years have taken classes with the Modern Mystery School. And along with those friends I met in the city, who have stuck by me after I’m “not fun anymore” XD. Last, but certainly not least, along with the friends I grew up with. Those same people who have stuck with me through thick and thin, and were my first examples of strength and support outside of my family. 

I stand for each of these people, and yes, especially for the “weirdos”