Is this school for you?

Anthony Colli

Many of you know that I am passionate about metaphysics, metaphysical teaching and healing work and have taken a deep dive into the exploration and study of my own life through the teachings and tools made available through the Modern Mystery School.

Before finding the Modern Mystery School, I was living a “successful” life, owning my own Chiropractic office, doing work that I love, leading a team of 12-15 people, providing service within my community, raising my 2 children in that community with our 2 dogs, a home with a beautiful view, an active social life, travel, high level fitness, owning a CrossFit gym and I was surrounded by people that I adored. I wasn’t broken and seeking saving nor seeking an awakening or some epiphany moment. There were some areas I was seeking to improve upon as I am always seeking ways to grow personally and professionally; to work smarter, not harder in all aspects of my life. This path and the purity of the work has been hugely impactful and allowed me a means to simplify my life while adding depth to my days. With that, I chose to continue to learn and to share what I’ve learned with others. I proudly stand as a Healer, Teacher, Guide, Ritual Master, Kabbalist and a representative of this school and this Lineage. I have studied alongside doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, college students, housewives, body workers, firefighters and everything in between. I have literally shared this work with hundreds, if not thousands of people over the past 7 years and have seen lives transform, heal and thrive because of it.

I have loved what this school has done for me and I have great appreciation for those that hold the light to the highest of their capacity so that this work can be shared with those seeking personal, professional & spiritual growth. I can attest that I have had pure and positive experiences with Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipssisimis Dave Lanyon, and Ipssisimis Hideto Nakagome along with many other teachers and administrators affiliated with the school. I have felt seen and heard as an individual with my unique circumstances and have received a level of care and support directly from them that goes beyond that of a typical school or business.

Through this work, I have developed deeply connected friendships with people around the world that I consider family and look forward to building and cultivating more light and love for the future stepping forward on this path.