It saved my life

Christina Mars

Everyone has at least one major, pivotal moment in their lives. For me, I’ve had many … but by far, the biggest was when I received something called a Life Activation session.

Thirteen years ago my choices led me to the brink of almost taking my own life, in a pit of insanity and despair. Some might call this ‘rock bottom’.

I was just about to graduate college… as an out-of-control drug addict, wandering aimlessly, selfishly through life, hopeless and depressed. I think I did a pretty decent job hiding it at the time. Yes, I was the life of the party and having a ‘great time’, but it was all just a distraction while trying my hardest to run away from my demons, the terrible choices I had made, and my debilitating depression and emptiness I felt inside. To be clear, this was no one’s fault other than my own!

Then something happened. I found a spiritual path and school that changed my life and empowered me. This was the Modern Mystery School International — a school of ancient metaphysics, and a university for the soul. A school for living a magickal, empowered life!

Someone recommended I receive a private one-on-one session called a Life Activation, and take a class called Empower Thyself. Thank you, Osiris Indriya. In a last-ditch effort for life, I decided to receive this ‘Life Activation’. It was weird, and way, way outside of my comfort zone. It saved my life — literally and figuratively.

I remember waking up the next day with tears running down my face, confused why I was crying. I wasn’t sad; I had a huge smile. It took a moment to register — they were tears of true joy and hope, which I had not experienced in a very long time. Thinking of the memory makes me smile and tear up a bit now.

The results spoke for themselves, so I considered the Empower Thyself class. While yes, this Life Activation made me feel true joy, have hope and excitement to be alive, I was still very skeptical, and honestly, afraid of a spiritual school. I wasn’t even entirely sure how I felt about the idea of God or Spirit. But … with great courage, I suspended my disbelief and decided to take the 2 day course. As part of the program, at the end of the 2 days, I received an initiation into the Ancient Lineage of King Salomon and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. What happened over the next year(s) was miraculous.

I began to heal tremendously from this Initiation and application of metaphysical teachings and tools in my life — including prayer, ritual, and meditation. I got SOBER, and began to heal my relationship with myself, with my family, friends, and God. I reclaimed my power and realized that I was not a victim of my life, or anyone or anything, other than the stories I told myself. I took responsibility for my actions and choices.

Bridges I had burned to the ground I somehow rebuilt by learning to forgive myself and others, and ask for forgiveness in humility. I got in touch with myself on a deeper level and discovered I had a unique purpose to contribute to humanity. I began to connect to my power and my truth. I healed my mind from the heavy drug abuse I had put myself through. I realized that true magick and miracles exist, and one of those miracles is the ability to live a life of joy, wonder, and purpose. I realized everyone can live a life like this, if they only choose.

Yes, this process took awhile and was not overnight, but it all started by receiving a Life Activation. It was that moment that I felt hope and desire to live, to grow, to seek joy. I went from hopeless to filled with hope. It was that moment that I began a transformation on a soul level.

Fast forward 13 years, here I am today, excited with life. I chose to become a Healer and a Guide with the Modern Mystery School because I wanted to offer the same potential of healing and growth to others. I know this work works, and I know how badly we are all in need of healing and empowerment on the planet today.

And could it work for you? Absolutely. While my story is on the extreme end of things, no matter where you are in life, it will yield positive results for you. Bottom line. It has worked for me and I’ve watched it work for thousands of others, as it has worked for millions through eons of time.

I have (and do) work with people from all walks of life — business owners, web developers, project managers, construction workers, artists, musicians, hair stylists, lawyers, veterinarians, cinematographers, even a professional athlete, and more. Some come to receive just a Life Activation, and that’s all they feel they want or need. Others may take a class or two to gain tools for living a more empowered life. Some may decide to walk this path to become a Healer or even a Guide like myself.

If you’re looking to heal your past and live a life of more joy and purpose, this will support just that. Could it be the right fit for you in your life? I don’t know, that’s up for you to decide. I’d love for you find out.