It shifted my life entirely

Christina Mars

In 2018 I had an intense push to begin seeking a spiritual path that would lead me to a higher sense of Joy, Wisdom, Freedom and Self-Love. After several magical and serendipitous events, I found someone who gave me a Life Activation. It showed me with great clarity a piece of myself that needed healing along with the message, “I will come to Know Thyself once I allow myself to heal this trauma.” 

The energy aiding me in healing this piece was profound and powerful. Knowing this was just the beginning, I took Empower Thyself the next month. It transformed me in a way that is unexplainable. For the first time, I could really SEE and FEEL my true self and it shifted my life entirely. 

Currently, I feel like I live each day fuller, with more Joy, Peace and Light. Every tool I have received, all the knowledge handed down, the Wisdom gained has supported and empowered me to live a life I’ve always dreamed was possible- a life without limitations!

I am so grateful that I found this path and these teachings! The investment that continues to pay out dividends!