Life-Long Spiritual Seeker

Christina Mars

I have been studying with The Modern Mystery School for the past 14 years, but I have considered myself a life-long spiritual seeker.  Religion, new age books, and my own dabbling with psychedelics had only gotten me so far without truly providing me with any answers, true spiritual connection, or sustainable transformation.  However, my studies, initiations, and professional career with this lineage and organization have given me the tools to find my own answers, allowing me to connect with spiritual energies and teachings that continue to deepen, providing both answers and progressively deeper questions.  I have not come across any other institution with the integrity, depth, and effectiveness that this school can provide.  As someone with an arts background and a scientific mind, all of the subjects of metaphysical, mystical, and shamanic study that deeply interest me are encompassed within the magick of this lineage and I have barely begun to scratch the surface.

Truly the results and fruits of my work with this school are the proof that I need.  My days are filled with moments of joy, a passion for life, and profound hope.  I have connected to my sense of purpose and practical tools that give me an unshakable faith that I can indeed have an impact in creating a brighter, more peaceful future on this planet by simply doing the work that only I am here to do in a community of like-minded, passionate individuals.

Not only has this school provided me with educational and professional value that are priceless in measure, I have formed life-long friendships and support systems that money cannot buy.