Lifelong Journey

Christina Mars

Hi there. My name is Spencer Bronzi. I am a first step Ritual Master within the Lineage of King Salomon. It has been around 4 years since I first received my Life Activation and took Empower Thyself. 

From my personal experience it’s hard to say exactly what kind of space I was in at the time but it was typical. I was involved with drugs and alcohol, hiding from difficulties and my emotions, unconsciously not dealing with what was going on with myself and not really understanding what was happening within me.    At the same time, I was very in love with the universe, fascinated with exploring my own spirituality and trying to piece together the connection between the two.

Being introduced to the Mystery School, along with the material received through the classes helped to bridge many gaps of understanding. Not only with unanswered questions, but also I was able to have more of an understanding of the changes happening within me. The most challenging part of the changes was to have acceptance that change was inevitable if I wanted to continue moving forward.

Personally it hasn’t always been the easiest journey the last few years and not necessarily a linear progression, but the tools I received through the school have significantly made a difference along the path. 

Looking back to where I was a few years ago to where I am now, I am in a much different space and very grateful for where I am. I’m still learning, still making mistakes, still using the tools given to me and still enjoying the journey. As most people you speak to within the school will say, the journey is life long