“Today I live with a love for life I only dreamed of 20 years ago” – Martina shares her embodiment of the divine.

Aleks Ceho

Life for each of us is a unique journey one in which we meet many crossroads and have many choices to take and its always our choice.

My life was no different and as I grew up I choose the paths that my parents wished to see me walk, good education, permanent and pensionable job, a happy life.

I achieved the education and job and realized that it didn’t fulfill within me what I was truly seeking from deep within so I started to search even though at the time I was unaware of what I was actually seeking. My dear friend showed me the path to move to a new county and so I did that, I lived for 20 years in the United States and it was while I was there I met an amazing, authentic, and powerful system in the Modern Mystery School that caused me to have the deepest transformation in all levels of my life for which I give thanks each and every day.

The Teachings and Healings in the Lineage presented in the Modern Mystery School are complete and offers an entire system that progresses one from wherever you are in life back to your true divine true spiritual self so you can be the God/Goddess and life your life as you choose in your unique expression. It gives you a complete system which is what I was seeking and allows me to keep changing, growing, learning, transforming as I lived life on all levels. Since the first day I stepped on this back in 2000 I have felt the healing and magick within me and around me and I am eternally grateful for the path and each person light that has helped me see myself, grow, love myself and life the life that I choose. I have studied, trained as a practitioner, trained practitioners and opened the door for others so they too can have the power to be their divine self and live life alive and in their best version of their divine self. 

I am eternally grateful this pathway opened for me and I proudly walk it and invite you too as we are all worthy of polishing the rock so the diamond within is visible and shining brightly. Each tool, step, healing on the path of progression is designed to help you shine and for that reason I live today in London, England as my true self in joy and with a love for life I only dreamed of 20 years ago.