Living life alive and active!

Anthony Colli

So wonderful to be alive and living life alive & active!

Eleven years ago I was lost, struggling with severe anxiety and depression. I attempted suicide I had tried many things that had a part time temporary positive effect, yet not that certain something I was looking for.

It wasn’t until I received a Life Activation and first Initiation with a Guide in The Modern Mystery School that I got my “spark” back!

Something magickal happened. It was like the blinkers were off. So many opportunities and possibilities opened up for me. Most importantly was the passion and desire, the hope for a better future for a better now was reawakened!

I was back on track in life! I had found something so wonderful I wanted to share it with others!

Thankfully I discovered the Modern Mystery School provided a sacred lineage structure, a complete system of healing, teaching, and a path of initiation that would support me in my evolution to becoming who I came here to be.

Some people questioned the investment I made in following my path. Yes there was an investment.  An investment in me! I shifted from valuing the latest Jimmy Choo handbag to investing in learning how to do the Life Activation for others. Instead of spending money on long champagne lunches that went on into the early hours, returning home with little memory of what had happened, I invested in me finding my purpose and living a life of purpose, passion, joy and service! This shift happened of my own volition.

With each step I took with the Modern Mystery School, I gained increasing clarity, power and connection in living life with increasing joy, true to me!

I used the magickal tools I received to find my way. I was supported through challenging times in my life by my brothers and sisters in the Modern Mystery School. They were always inspiring and encouraging me to be the best that I could be and always reminding me I had all my answers within me.

It has and is a truly magickal journey diving into the mysteries of the universe into the mysteries of me. This last year I have experienced an increased awakening of my senses and sensuality, with a desire to express and flow this energy into all areas of my life. People say I look younger and that I seem to be growing younger. Magick at play!

All of this transformation started in 2011 when I received a Life Activation Session. Something magickal happened.

I am eternally grateful for The Modern Mystery School. I would not be here now if I hadn’t found them.

I am eternally grateful for Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, Ipsissimus Hideto Nakagome, Divina Rita van den Berg, Divina Dr. Theresa Bullard, Divina Kate Bartram-Brown, Divina Ann Donnelly, Julia Tiffin, and all my brothers and sisters in the Modern Mystery School. All so inspiring and such beautiful reminders! All dedicated to anchoring Shamballah! I thank you one and all for your service to humanity!