Living the life I always dreamed and hoped was possible

Anthony Colli

I travel all over the world sharing the Modern Mystery School teachings with those who are seeking it, because I believe and know these tools and teachings to be life transforming and some of the most empowering I have ever encountered. Not only have I directly experienced the benefits and results in my own life, I’ve also witnessed the results in the lives of the thousands of people I’ve served and supported with these tools and teachings around the world. The more I apply the tools and teachings, the more positive results I get. They truly put the power in our hands, and then it was up to us to decide what to do with that.

Only because I trusted my own direct experience, and the results this lineage and its teachings have brought into my life, can I authentically say that I am where I am in my life. And where is that? I’m living a life of JOY, of PURPOSE, of MEANING, of being surrounded by GOOD PEOPLE who I LOVE and HONOR and RESPECT. I’ve also finished my Ph.D. in physics, traveled the world, helped thousands of people improve their lives, hosted a TV series revealing many mystery school teachings (with the MMS’s blessing), created abundance in my life, and found true love.

I’m living the life I always dreamed and hoped was possible. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to create this life for myself had it not been for all the transformation, empowerment, teachings, and support in breaking through internal limitations, that I have received from my training with the Modern Mystery School. This school truly supports our development at a core level with its deep well of knowledge, tools, and methods of empowerment.