My life has transformed

Christina Mars

Ever since I was a child, passionate about understanding what brings us together as humans, I had been seeking answers to the deeper questions of life. Who am I, why am I here, what is this life really about.

Sensitive and attuned to energy, I have been on a quest to answering more of these questions, with every waking breath.

The deeper I sought, the more I realized that there is more and deeper yet to unveil and the further I went looking.

Since finding the teachings offered by the Modern Mystery School (Or maybe they found me ?!), though growth and questioning continue, the “looking everywhere” energy has ended. 

I have been humbled to find one place that holds the answers and my quest now is to be present enough to listen and learn from this that is in the 99% that our senses don’t perceive.

My life has transformed into being so much more embodied that I had ever been while also able to explore and teach the realms of energy, frequency, vibration, those “unknown” realms, deeper and deeper each day. It is a blessing to be part of this great lineage and a privilege to serve as a Guide and Teacher for those ready to embody their great potential more and more each day. In growing Gratitude.