On the verge of a major life change

Christina Mars

I got asked once if I realize how much my life has changed since I found the mystery school, and I can say that is a massive understatement.   When I first did Empower Thyself I was on the verge of a major life change and at the time I did not understand how doing that class would help.  

In hindsight I can see that not only did the tools I learned facilitate my transition, they acted as precursors for more tools which would help me in more transitions that have happened since.  My experience has been that mystery school teachings play a dual role in my life. They first help to abandon self limiting beliefs and second help to construct a better version of myself, neither of which  are easy as they do require diligent work.  Part of this process is that I am aware of  opportunities that I previously would not recognize.  Along the way I have met a number of wonderful, genuine people who have experienced their own transformations and understand just how powerful it can be.   

Definitely letting go of old beliefs, no matter how destructive, is a difficult thing simply because they are familiar. But I find that is what many people in the world are missing, and I was one of those people for years.  Letting go of old patterns is like having a fresh start to create something new. Having the tools to create makes for a different manifesation then what old patterns would allow for, it really has been an amazing journey.