Shining bright at 70

Christina Mars

I am a Guide, Teacher and Healer, certified by the Modern Mystery School International in the lineage of King Salomon, and proud of it. I am also the wife to a marvelous man, Joe Elwart, mother of five, grandmother of sixteen and great-grandmother of four which also brings me great joy.

In the last year, I have been engaged in a call for a revolution of LOVE because of my studies in self-discovery through the Modern Mystery School. It is my passion and part of my mission. Since my book, Ascend To Joy ; Transform Your Life Through Living Kabbalah was released in May of 2020, I have engaged in social media in the hopes of spreading GREAT NEWS and encouragement to more people in this time of the pandemic, economic challenges for many, disturbing weather changes and social unrest. So, how did I reach this stage of refirement and not retirement at almost 70 years old? Let me give you the short version.

Here’s a synopsis of the backstory. Early childhood was filled with Trauma and Magick. I was horrifically abused and simultaneously highly aware of the spiritual realms of life. My experiences with angels, Jesus, and other beings of Light were memories that I buried for many years along with the trauma. As a result of living half a life, I became an alcoholic, abused drugs, was eating disordered and was afraid of many things. I worked hard through the 12 steps of recovery, therapy and religion to heal. And I did heal…in part.

In 2007, I began a journey into the realm of mysticism through frequent visitations with the Jesus I knew as a small child. It was a wondrous, sometimes disorienting and intense time in life and in 2009 I gave into fear and shut these visitations down. So much of what He was communicating to me was outside of my experience up to then. Even though I didn’t understand concepts or words like Kabbalah, Watch Towers, and DNA Activation, I stored them in my heart.

In the summer of 2012, I met a woman named Barbara Segura. In meeting her, there was an instant connection. However, when I asked her what she did for work, she said the magic words- DNA Activation and described in detail what Jesus had been showing me five years before. I was shocked and excited. I asked to be activated and what I needed to do to be able to activate other people. I knew with all my being that this was what He was asking me to do!

Barbara came to Detroit in August of 2012 and I took the Empower Thyself class and was initiated into The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light in the Lineage of King Salomon. And then life became REALLY interesting!

My progression through experiences in the Mystery School such as Healer’s Academy (which allows me to Activate people), all the way through my initiation as a Guide and Spiritual Warrior has been peppered with different aspects of those messages from Jesus and I am continually amazed. Life has become an adventure into the world of the unknown that somehow I have always known.

Not only has my life been transformed by the sacred teachings of this beautiful mystery school but the lives of my family, friends and those I now have the honor of initiating. Hang on, there’s more. Here are some highlights;

I have healed the rift between my emotional self and mental self and have found Peace.
My husband of 48 years and I serve together as Guides and Ritual Masters and have taken our marriage to the next level
My 8 year old grandson Michael was healed of a very serious, life-threatening leukemia and is 5 years cancer free.
All my daughters and one of my grandsons has been initiated and the entire family is growing together in new and wondrous ways
I have discovered my inner divinity and my true identity as royalty in the Kingdom of God
I am an author, a Kabbalist and an Empowered Woman who is going into her 70th year with more energy, health and vitality than I ever imagined possible.

And this is just the beginning. Thank you to the incredible leadership of this school and the key holders, Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and Ipsissimus Hideto Hagakome for holding the gates open for each person to Know Thyself and to explore the wonders of the Universe.