Today I can say I live a life full of JOY

Anthony Colli

I am from Brazil, I grew up in an amazing family, worked as an architect in Los Angeles, traveled a lot, both for vacation and work around the world. I can say I have an amazing life, a life that many would dream of. How did I do it?

I come from a catholic family, used to go to church with my grandma every Sunday. With a very young age, I have decided it wasn’t for me. In Brazil the next big religion is spiritism, which I also checked it out and didn’t like it. I’m telling you this to say I always knew that there was something more besides what we can see and touch and I wanted to learn more about it. I knew religion wasn’t the answer.

When living in the US, 13 years ago, I found the Modern Mystery School. I felt I was home since the first class I’ve attended. Do you know what I have learned on that first class? That WE HAVE A CHOICE. That in itself is a very simple and obvious statement. But what happens when we start walking the path of the Mystery School is that you start SEEING your choices, seeing options that before you would think impossible. With the tools I have learned, I have expanded from my “limited vision” of what is possible and started tapping into INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.

It is not a magic pill. We have to work for it! You will not start manifesting or having money in your account just because you did a class or an initiation. It is like layers; you start removing a self-imposed restriction that we inflict in ourselves of what is possible for us or not.

Throughout my whole path I had several teachers that have guided me. The mission of the Modern Mystery School is to bring peace to the world. But how? This is actually a big statement. We teach that when you find peace within yourself and in your own life that is one person, then you start sharing and telling everyone it is possible for them to do it. But why would I want to “tell everyone”? Because I was told to do it??? NO. Actually, this is one of the very important things I have learned in the MMS, we shouldn’t just “do” things that people tell you to do, you need to figure out why you are doing it. What is YOUR why? For me, I do it because this path has helped me so much in my life, in my personal life.

I found the MMS 13 years ago, in those 13 years I have absolutely NOTHING bad to say about any class or teacher that have crossed my path. What happens is that we learn how to LIVE our life in a couscous way, choosing to respond to the different situations that come up in life from an empowered way, instead of from a victim point of view.

I came back to Brazil and together with Eric opened a headquarters here because I wanted to share what was helping me so much. Divina Theresa and Verla were two of the first teachers that came to Brazil, and with them I followed in love with Kabbalah, which teaches us how to live our lives ALIVE and not just accept what “life” imposes on us. Divina Franca also came in the beginning and taught me so much, starting from the basics because I had never worked facilitating classes before. Martina came right after and taught me how to be the best I could be.

Ipsissimus Dave have been coming to Brazil since 2013. He is a person that sees your strength before you can and pushes that strength out of you for you to live your best version, to live a life with purpose. He was the person that was next to me since the beginning of the school here in Brazil. He personally came and helped grow the school and served our community for years, many many times with his own money because Brazil, as a 3rd world country, couldn’t pay the expenses. He was always on my side, through the hard times and to celebrate the victories. He always helps you find the Light. Ipsissimus Dave and his wife Divina Franca are examples of good human beings that never stop fighting the good fight for humanity.

Founder Gudni is my Ritual Master teacher. This is the path that you learn real magick! But what is magick? The MMS definition of magick is when you “change nothing to something and something into something else.” What does that mean? You can manifest the life you want and dream for yourself! What I most admire about him is when he teaches in front of a classroom, he IS the teaching, he embodies it, he lives what he says. I have never sat in one of Founder Gudni’s class that I wasn’t blown away. He has the magick of expanding our reality so we can experience all that we are, body, mind, soul and spirit. Because of him these teachings are out for anyone who wishes to dive in the quest of “Knowing Thyself”. Founder Gudni and his wife Divina Eiko have always received us in their home with so much love, generosity and bringing the best out of each of us.

Ipsissimus Hideto is another incredible man in this Lineage. He has the magick to teach us deep esoteric teachings in a way we can understand and feel it. He makes learning fun. His wife Divina Luisa and him will stand no matter what next to you to help you in whatever way you need. I remember when I went to Japan to one of my initiations, as a Brazilian was a big deal for me in the beginning of my path, he was a person that stood his hand out and helped me and I will never forget.

Today I am an international teacher in the MMS. I get to seat in the meetings and watch what happens “behind the scenes”. It didn’t stop to impress me, actually amazed me even more. I observe how each student is cared for and treated in a special and unique way. Because each of us are going through different things in life and need different things to help us. Even though the path is one, we listen and guide each person in their own path of progression, in their own life and choices.

We, all the students and teachers of the Mystery School, actually we are all students because we can never end learning about ourselves, because we are always expanding and becoming more – we are all a FAMILY.

Family to me as a Brazilian is very important. In Brazil we really honor our family. I understand family could mean many different things depending where you come from. For me family is: People that support us when we are good and when we are not. People that can listen, really be present when we need. People that can tell us the truth, even if it is not what we want to hear. People that will cheer when we are growing. People that are there to help we get up when we fall. People that we can fight with sometimes. People that we celebrate with. People that we LOVE. The bottom line is that we are ALWAYS there for each other!

Today I can say I have seen thousands of people becoming a better person, changing their lives for the better because of the tools of the Mystery School, because of these three men that will NOT stop, no matter what, because of the 12 women in the Council of 12 that will stand side by side and protect our Lineage, because of all the initiates that will stand and fight for the Light! Everyone knows that the energy you put out is the energy you will receive back. The LIGHT is growing on the planet and there will be nowhere to hide anymore!

Today I can say I live a life full of JOY. Why? Because I have tapped into infinite possibilities, I have expanded myself with these teachings. And I SHARE this JOY with others in my life, because I believe everyone came here to have and experience JOY.

Life is for you to LIVE and for you to find who YOU are. Don’t let people tell you who you are or what to believe. Only you can know who you truly are. Be strong and fight for what you want and believe in your life. When you find yourself JOY will follow.