Ye shall know them by their fruits

Anthony Colli

Out of everything I’ve ever accomplished in life, none has brought about the level of fulfillment and purpose I feel from being a Guide in The Modern Mystery School and leading the two day program, Empower Thyself & Initiation.

It’s not the kind of excitement feeling that comes from being center stage performing my singer songwriter music, winning world championship yoga asana competitions, or even facilitating mind blowing sound healings. And while these are all great talents and achievements I’ve held over the years, the feeling I get from them has always been temporary and fleeting. In contrast, the deep rooted feeling of contentment and Joy I’ve embodied since I’ve started teaching Empower Thyself stems from the fact it’s not about me at all.

It’s all about you, God, the mysteries of existence, the indwelling God presence that is your true essence, and how to move and create your life from that space. It’s the most rewarding feeling I get knowing I’ve provided someone real tools of Empowerment, helped them see the light inside themselves, and facilitated a permanent energy shift through initiation to help them navigate this world with a more clear lens.

That’s what the Modern Mystery School is all about. It’s all about unlocking and remembering your individual divine greatness and the true qualities that make you… well you. The real you, not the you that you’ve been conditioned to be, molded into, and shaped by society. It’s about learning discernment, awakening your potential, and starting the process of letting go of the ways of being you picked up along the way that diminish your true expression.

It’s the path of, “Know Thyself”, and for me all the metaphysical teachings, healings, activations, initiations and internal purging of all the distortions I held along the way allowed me to finally take ownership of my destiny and create a life I never could quite get a handle on before. One grounded and sustained with magic, love, Godliness, purpose, abundance, community and family.

I often say to my students how I only wish I would have found this work sooner, Life would have made so much more sense, and I could have saved myself years of suffering, ungrounded spiritual escapism and of course all the poor decisions I made along the way. Where religion and new age teachings fall short, this 3000 year old hermetic lineage held by The Modern Mystery School fills in the much needed missing pieces and keys one absolutely needs to thrive in life.

That’s the problem with all of the political and social movements of the world today. While they may hold noble intentions It’s impossible to create real change without first knowing who you truly are. If everyone knew the infinite connection to divinity we all hold, and lived that from that knowing, the forward actions of society would start from a place rooted in Godliness, and would be much more effective, less reactive, in the quest for justice, unity, and peace.

I’m a Guide, Healer, and Ritual Master in the lineage of King Salomon. I’m a devoted husband and father, musician, athlete and warrior of light. I’m here to serve those who really want to know who they are and understand the multidimensional nature of realty.

Ye shall know them by their fruits

Its been known through the ages of time one can assess the quality of a tree by the fruit it bears. I would not be the man I am today if it were not for the work I’ve done through the Modern Mystery School. Studying with this school I can whole heartily attest I’ve produced some amazing fruit and each year the harvest is more and more plentiful, rich in quality, and filled with the sweetest nectar life can offer.

***Special thanks to all my teachers along the way and the strong heartfelt leadership of Founder Gudni Gudnason, Ippsisimus Dave Lanyon, Ippsisimus Hideto Nakagome, Martina Coogan, and the council of 12 women at the Modern Mystery School International for their authenticity, passion, and dedication to bringing this work forward to the public.