A Shared Goal: Empowering Women

Christina Mars Community Outreach

JULY 7, 2021 ~ As you may know, for many years the Modern Mystery School has been supporting various local women’s shelters and children’s organizations. Community outreach, charity and service to those in need has always been a part of the MMS mandate, on a local level as well as internationally, funding relief efforts all over the world.

Modern Mystery School entered into an official sponsorship relationship with Women’s Habitat and it’s been a powerful and beautiful journey to be a part of the good that is done through this local Toronto foundation, which has garnered media attention in SEE Change Magazine as well as on Toronto.com.

On the path of initiation, Service to Others is a paramount principle and in everything we do at the Modern Mystery School it is done with empowerment in mind. This is what makes MMS and Women’s Habitat such a great fit. Women’s Habitat is an organization that provides shelter and outreach to women and their families. The Modern Mystery School has supported Women’s Habitat since their relationship began in 2015 through financial support to provide life’s necessities as well as developing new programs to empower women. Empowerment and education go hand in hand, this includes an entrepreneurial education program, outreach for teen girls and a developing project to help boys affected by domestic violence.

In addition to financial aid, through volunteering and in-kind item donations, the MMS has provided gifts, self-care items, art-therapy kits, crafts, activities, holiday decorations, costumes for various families at the shelter and individuals in the outreach programs. One of the highlights for the MMS team is to annually host a holiday party each December for the teen girls in the outreach program.

Women’s Habitat offers a safe, confidential location with all the services a woman needs to make a new life for herself and her children and the MMS believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a fresh start for their life, heal from the past and progress to live a life of joy.

We look forward to a relationship for many more years ahead!