Modern Mystery School’s charitable contributions gets media attention

Christina Mars Community Outreach

AUGUST 1, 2017 ~ Modern Mystery School is in the media! The Light is spreading with news of our good deeds reaching more and more people out in the world!

SEE Change Magazine featured Modern Mystery School and our donation of $12,000 to a Toronto shelter. SEE Change Magazine is Canada’s first social enterprise and entrepreneurship publication.

The article states: “2018 was looking like another year of cuts to the programs, until we received a call from our long-time, dedicated supporter, The Modern Mystery School.
The Modern Mystery School connected with us in 2015 when they donated Halloween costumes for the kids at our shelter. Since then they have been a passionate partner, providing a wide variety of supports, from providing beauty products to sponsoring a holiday party for our teen girl after-school program.”

Online news outlet also features the donation from MMS to Women’s Habitat, who’s “drop-in programs focus on life skills development, parenting and housing support and harm reduction, and other issues.”

The report tells about, “The $12,000 donation from the group, which calls itself the Modern Mystery School, will fund meals, basic need items and program supplies, and cover transportation costs for program participants, many of whom are experiencing low depths of poverty, shelter officials reported.”

A driving factor in the support is that no one should need to go without or make choices between basic necessities. “The donation means shelter officials won’t be forced to choose between providing meals or TTC tokens, said Silvia Samsa, Women’s Habitat’s executive director.”




Our announcement to the Modern Mystery School initiates in June 2017 reporting this good news:

The support you provided by buying tickets to the carnival games at the Celebration at last month’s Spring Programs, generated $3000 in donations for a local Toronto shelter called Women’s Habitat!

In an overwhelming show of philanthropy, your donations of $3000 were matched, each by Founder Gudni & Eiko Gudnason, Ipsissimus Hideto & Luisa Nakagome, Ipsissimus David & Franca Lanyon, totalling $12,000!

This enormous show of compassion in the form of financial aid goes directly to the women, children and empowerment programs that this amazing organization provides. Those who are interested can see below for more information about the empowering ongoing work the MMS has been doing with this organization for the last few years.

The huge example of compassion and true good will as displayed by Founder Gudni & Eiko Gudnason, Ipsissimus Hideto & Luisa Nakagome, Ipsissimus David & Franca Lanyon is a pattern to emulate and model! Let us as initiates always keep this flow of Light, energy and support going out into the world! Keep doing the work in your areas and expand the vision of service to humanity to encompass all aspects of life!

Thank you for your contribution and let us continue to spread the Light and energy in service to all humans, always!