Supporting at-risk boys and empowering the male archetype

Christina Mars Community Outreach

OCTOBER 23, 2020 ~ The lineage of King Salomon has always taught the value of unity between the divine masculine and divine feminine. We need these two archetypes in our world more than ever. As initiates, we understand that the balance of the two in our world is currently distorted and manifesting in many unhealthy ways. In many shelter and outreach programs, the needs of young boys are often overlooked within the standard types of programs available. Especially when in most cases, these families are fleeing from abusive husbands and fathers. These boys need a balanced and strong male influence more than ever.

As you may know, for many years the Modern Mystery School has been involved in several ongoing charitable projects. As initiates, our service extends to spreading the Light by also giving back to the community in the form of time, money and energy. One such endeavour the MMS has been contributing to is an organization called Women’s Habitat that facilitates shelter for women and children, youth outreach, therapeutic rehabilitation and entrepreneurship programs. The support of Women’s Habitat is ongoing by the MMS, and one such recent contribution was a financial investment into a new undertaking that would specifically be in support of boys. 

Titled the Reel Men Project, this new endeavour “aims to raise awareness and address issues of gender norms including the impact unhealthy and rigid social norms have on boys and young men.” Coming from backgrounds of domestic and family violence which is usually perpetrated by males (husbands, fathers, or otherwise) the boys participating in this program, unfortunately, haven’t had any experience of what healthy relationships look like, nor an example of a healthy or strong male figure in their lives.

The boys participating in this program will “gain greater awareness of what gender-based and intimate-partner violence is. Additionally, the participants will develop a greater awareness of themselves, greater self-confidence and esteem. Ultimately, this project will support the empowerment of boys and young men to make decisions and build healthy relationships with themselves and others.” With this kind of empowerment and support for male youth, they can heal from their past and break generational and family patterns to not perpetuate this kind of violence ever again.

While many outreach programs exist for mothers and at-risk girls, there is a growing need for boys as they have just as much to process, heal and overcome. More than ever, our world needs men to be the strong, balanced protectors that they truly are and such a project can help boys to find that powerful archetypal within themselves.

This new project is in complete alignment with our mission in the lineage of King Salomon and the MMS is honoured to provide the financial investment to allow for such a project to exist. Below is one of the letters written from Women’s Habitat thanking Ipsissimus Dave and Divina Franca Lanyon for their generous contribution to this project.