12 Races of the Earth 

Date: October 20th, 2019

Start time: 11am

End time: 6pm


We share the planet with elemental beings not so visible to the eye. Many ancient cultures knew and honoured this. Why not bring in some awareness so you can too? The elemental beings have so much to teach us. 

Who are theses being? What are their stories? Where did they come from and how do they weave in with our existence and purpose here on Earth?

Fairies, Elves, Atlantians…. Their stories & history has been held within the Ancient Mystery Schools for thousands of years.

In this workshop we will:

∞  Learn about the races that we share the planet with.

∞  Receive information on their history.

∞  Gain insight on how we respectfully & safely get to know them.

∞  Access information &  greater understanding of these beings-who in some cases may be right in front of you.

∞  And hear some of the fascinating personal experiences that have been had with some of these other races.

The time has come to heal and build a relationship with these beings. 

We as humanity need their help and they need ours so together we can step forward in our evolution on the planet. 

Unity through Understanding.

Pre-requisites: N/A

Investment: $180 (Plus Taxes)

Deposit amount: $50

Audit fee: $55

Location: Modern Mystery School HQ

41 International Blvd, Etobicoke

**To reserve your seating in this class, a deposit is required.

Please email info@modernmysteryschoolint.com or call 416-625-3470 to register