Why Apply Hermetics in your Life? Hermetic Principles are Universal Principles: wisdom, knowledge, truths that transcend time and space.  The teachings of Hermes are the foundation for esoteric knowledge and the 7 Hermetic Principles are woven throughout the mystery tradition and within the path of initiation in the Modern Mystery School. To apply them in your life is to take self-responsibility, and understand your own actions and power in the world. You can build and grow meaningful and fulfilling connections with yourself, your life, and others through the deep wisdom of Hermetics.

This series of Hermetic classes are presented by Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, lineage holder for the Modern Mystery School, Ritual Master Teacher and author of You Are Not Perfect the Way You Areand Essential Principles for the Warrior of Light.

Hermetic Sun Joy


This class is available to all initiates.

In this transformative class, participants embark on a journey into the realms of joy through the lens of Hermetic Principles and ancient wisdom. Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon presents important concepts overlooked by the average individual who seeks to live a joyful life. He leads the group through engaging discussions and practical applications, so the students uncover the inherent joy that resides within themselves and the world around them.

Explore how aligning the inner world with the universal truths can lead to a deeper sense of fulfillment and joy. By integrating Hermetic wisdom into their lives, participants learn to cultivate joy as a state of being, transcending fleeting moments of happiness and embracing a sustained sense of contentment and purpose.


This class is available to all Certified Life Activation Practitioners.

The Modern Mystery School follows what is called the Hermetic path, which is a way of doing things that we know it works from thousands of years of experience. Hermetics shows us that there is a way, there is a path, and the wisdom, healing, abundance and joy of these teachings reflect in all areas of our life, in our relationship with others, and specially in the relationship with ourselves. 

In this class, Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave reveals the hidden magick that is the very path of initiation which the adept walks. Through the power and progression found available through the sacred and holy art found in the initiation process, the initiate can truly find a life of fulfilment, healing, empowerment and joy. 

Hermetic Communication of the Divine masculine and feminine

For Ritual Master Initiates who have attended How To Live A Hermetic Life.

Have you ever wondered the true source of power for how the divine masculine and feminine anchors into the physical realm? Hermetics shows us that there is a way, there is a path.  When one has a way in life, or a path to walk, correct action and goodness can follow.  This applies to all areas in life and it equally applies to how the divine masculine and feminine shows up in our daily lives. 

The balanced expressions of the masculine and feminine are not only about how they manifest into romantic relationships, they are about all relationships, partnerships, families, friendships, communities and the world as a whole.

It is often said, “communication is key” but what are the keys to communication? There are fundamental differences in how men and women express themselves and ignoring and avoiding those significant differences has led to the distortion and disbalance of how the masculine and feminine is embodied.

These profound, life-changing teachings are the Hermetic wisdom that the world needs right now to bring the healing, balance and wholeness to men and women alike.


For Ritual Master initiates who have attend Hermetic Communication of the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

This powerful relationship class focuses on not only romantic relationships, but all relationships — familial, professional, friendships. How you operate in relationship to all aspects of life matters, whether it is your relationship to a person, or your relationship to food, your home, or other things, your relationships make up the quality of your life.

All relationships begin with the self, and one’s own understanding and connection to their Individuality. Applying Hermetic principles and wisdom will support the most important relationship we have above all: the relationship with our own Selves.

This class will improve your awareness of the important aspects of interpersonal connection, sharing the knowledge, skills and insights to navigate healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

 There are prerequisites and required levels of initiation to attend these advanced trainings. Please refer to the Calendar to find the next scheduled workshop, its cost and requirements.



“In this life one must have a deep sense of humour!  Laughter certainly is the best medicine! Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon teaches how to live a Hermetic Life!  This 1-day class contains so many keys to Shamballah that if you are serious about world peace this class is a MUST!!!”
– Divina Ann Donnelly, Council of 12 member and Leader of MMS Ireland
“Living a Hermetic Life Class with Ipsissimus Dave gives you all the keys to live an impactful, meaningful life in this new world of Shamballah. So much clarity is delivered in the wisest most impactful way so that you can embody it and create immediate change in your life and in the world.”
– Martina Coogan, Kabbalah Teacher and International Instructor

“Hermetic Communication of the Divine Masculine and Feminie is one of the most beneficial classes I’ve ever taken in the Modern Mystery School because it is the clearest! If you want CLARITY, This is THE class.” 

– Ruthie Odom, Guide and RM 3

“This class is in-depth yet straight forward with practical steps that can be implemented immediately into your daily work in order to achieve the results and life you want.”
– Sensei Sylwester Organka, WOL Instructor
“How to Live A Hermetic Life …. is there an emoji for drop the mic? Holy Moly …. It was tremendous. It’s life changing in so many way. Keys that are relevant to everyone, that everyone can implement.”
– Divina Kate Bartram-Brown, Council of 12 member and Leader of MMS UK
“Informative, practical, applicable. This class is where the rubber of spirituality meets the road of life. I definitely recommend!”
– Sensei Flavius Gracile, WOL Instructor
“The teachings given within this class were so direct and straight forward that I was able to apply them immediately in my life and see a positive change!”
– Hunter Helton, LAP & RM 2
“How to Live A Hermetic Life …. is there an emoji for drop the mic? Holy Moly …. It was tremendous. It’s life changing in so many way. Keys that are relevant to everyone, that everyone can implement.”
– Divina Kate Bartram-Brown, Council of 12 member and Leader of MMS UK
“How to Live A Hermetic Life …. is there an emoji for drop the mic? Holy Moly …. It was tremendous. It’s life changing in so many way. Keys that are relevant to everyone, that everyone can implement.”
– Divina Kate Bartram-Brown, Council of 12 member and Leader of MMS UK

Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon

Lineage holder for the Modern Mystery School in the tradition of King Salomon, Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon specializes in presenting Hermetic and Esoteric wisdom in practical and actionable ways. Over his decades-long journey on the path of initiation, he has applied his experience in corporate business to the organization to exponentially expand it into over 50 countries in just a few years at the helm. He has also received the highest initiation in this tradition, that of Sovereign Ipsissimus, granting him the keys to the lineage and anchoring the vision and mission of the Mystery School for its tens of thousands of members worldwide.

As a champion of the warrior mindset and a master in the realm in the Hermetic wisdom, he shares universal keys of knowledge in his two books, Essential Principles for the Warrior of Light (released in summer 2023), which follows his celebrated first book, You Are Not Perfect The Way You Are (released in the fall of 2022). 

As a Ritual Master Teacher in the lineage of King Salomon and teaching an advanced series of Hermetic classes all around the world, his ability to hone in on the formula to create a foundation of wisdom is unparalleled. What began as a support mechanism for his students, he developed the set of Hermetic Wisdom Contemplation Cards so that everyone can tap in to the higher perspective of the universal principles of Hermeticism. 

He has no shortage of wisdom to share on how to apply perseverance, commitment and discipline to overcome the challenges of life to lead a fulfilling and joyful existence.

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