What does it mean to be a spiritual warrior?

How do you cultivate self-mastery in a world of egotism, opposition and illusion?

How do YoU tell the difference between good and evil? The real and the unreal?

If you are contemplating questions such as these, you may be listening to the calling of your inner warrior.

It’s not hard for anyone to see that there is a great deal of suffering and pain in the world today. The world operates under the illusion that we are not divine and have no influence over the outcome of our lives.

The Ritual Master Program and its supplementary teachings will help you gain control of your internal plane to affect positive change and results on the external plane. This is the Hermetic maxim, “As within, so without.”  For ages, this has been the path, the study and the role of the master magician in occult and esoteric studies. The Ritual Master path is about combining the Will with Love for others, in discerning manner, so that you can create goodness and be a source of Light for others in the world.

Ceremonial magick is an important component of Ritual Mastery, by learning how to utilize the energies of the universe, the Ritual Master becomes proficient in the art of manifestation, cleansing, correcting and redirecting energies. For thousands of years, this path has been kept secret from the masses, offered only to a select few who were ready to hear the calling to become a Warrior of Light. But now, as the human consciousness is awakening more and more, the opportunity to step on to this path is present to all those who feel they are ready to change the world.

“For a Warrior to be a Warrior of Light, dedication to a path of Light that demands greater than what the Ego is willing to give, must be met and walked upon.
For this is the way.”

-Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon, Essential Principles for the Warrior of Light


Ritual Master is a congruent area of study that requires the students on this path to remain certified as their respective level of practitioners (Life Activation Practitioner, Healer, Teacher Guide.)

The Ritual Master path studies delve into sacred ritual and the arts, science, history and practical application of ancient Hermetic, esoteric and metaphysical teachings.

On this path of study, there is required reading, rituals (prayers and ceremonies) to practice, and just like all other courses of study there are pre-requisite classes to attend at each level.

The Ritual Master path and the classes that pertain to this study are clearly laid out and indicated to those who wish to attend.

The Ritual Master path has an application process at every level. A student must request to be accepted as a Ritual Master and to continue its study. It is not a requirement to apply for Ritual Master, it is optional to apply. However, should one apply and wish to continue, then there are requirements to fulfill.

Once accepted at the first step of the Ritual Master path, the student signs an Informed Consent Agreement indicating they understand the responsibility they have willingly chosen and asked for.  You can view some of these forms on our Ethics, Standards & Practices page. 

Such requirements include: Annual certification, plus attendance at classes such as Enochian Magick (historic and religious study of the Angels), Warriors of Light (combination of physical exercise, health and spiritual concepts), and others.

There are officially 3 stages or levels along the path of the Ritual Master and at each stage there are different requirements. Requirements increase with each stage and the applicant is aware and has the opportunity to choose to continue to the next level or remain at their current status.

If at any time a Ritual Master decides they no longer want this responsibility, they can request to be relieved of this initiation without penalty, or simply “fire” their Ritual Master teacher by no longer attending the Ritual Master classes.

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