Documentary series: LIFE

LIFE: Living In Full Empowerment Documentary Trailer

Look inside the Modern Mystery School to see the hearts of the students, their experiences, their stories, and why they do this work.


Chapter 1:
Craving Magick

How to heal from addiction? How do you heal trauma? How do you find the right spiritual path? How do you overcome the expectations of yourself and others? Find out more in our first episode of LIFE! In this Episode we meet Justin Endy and Kat Burns and experience their stories of how they utilized the path of the Modern Mystery School to heal, change, and come home to themselves again.


Chapter 2:
When Success isn’t Enough

How do you become successful? How do you achieve your goals? What if wealth, glory, and fame is not the goal? Divina Kate Bartram-Brown and Sylvester Organka share their stories of how they achieved great success in the world, but how it wasn’t enough for living a joyful life. Watch episode 2 to learn the true keys to success, and how the lineage of the Modern Mystery School is ultimately a lineage and a path of Joy.


Chapter 3:
To Save the World

The world needs help. It’s easy to see. There is so much that needs fixing. But how? How can a single person create lasting change? Hear the stories of Jordan Bain and Logan Yonavjak as they share their journeys through intellectual pursuits and idealistic activism before finally finding the lineage of King Salomon. They share their personal experiences of how the teachings and tools of the Modern Mystery School showed them the way to personal transformation and an ability to affect change … in a way they never imagined.


Chapter 4:
Know your eternal self

Psychic experiences, ghosts, angels, plant medicine and rock n’ roll. The Modern Mystery School has so many stories to share. In our fourth instalment, meet Yoko Maria from New York via Japan, and award-winning musician Philipp Schardt from Berlin as they navigate their experience of the unseen worlds. Whether you believe in angels, entities, or in multi-dimensionality, these students have direct insight on how they dealt with very real problems and paranormal situations in their life. It’s a valuable perspective and one that we are excited to share. Addressing your spiritual pain can lead to a healthier life. Acknowledging your divine nature as an eternal being, can lead a fulfilled life in this physical reality.


Chapter 5:
Beyond the Surface

In a world captivated by what is on the surface, it takes courage to go beyond. When life is already good and satisfying, where is there left to go? We explore these depths in Chapter 5 as we follow the stories of two initiates, Casey Lepper journeying from the depths of subconscious exploration in a psychotherapy setting, and Zuyapa Jackson stepping off the fashion runway to pursue consciousness and healing. The beauty of being who you truly are is found within the power of coming to Know Thyself. The path of initiation can take you there. These two women share how it got them to the place of greater joy and fulfillment while expressing their authentic essence of light with the world.


Chapter 6:
Build your purpose

When you know there’s more to what you are here to do, how do you get there? How do you create a fulfilling and meaningful life? In Chapter 6, Mary Joy Garcia and Anthony Long, two initiates who live and work in Texas, share how they’ve used the mystery school teachings and tools of power to build something truly special for themselves. Overcoming suffering, feeling free and discovering purpose are the fruits of their journey. The Modern Mystery School teachings, initiation and service to others are the building blocks of the personal successes that Mary Joy and Anthony speak about in this episode.


Chapter 7:
All of us or none of us

We believe world peace is possible. It is the mission of the Modern Mystery School to empower individuals to find peace within. There is a hidden mystery teaching that initiates learn on the path that, simply put, we are in this together. Every human being and soul on Earth. Peace, joy, fulfilment, enlightenment … it’s all possible, and we’ll get there together. The path of initiation can show you the way. In this episode, we hear from many voices of students of the Modern Mystery School, those who’ve chose to walk the path: Activation, Initiation, Service.


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