Beth Siragusa

Seattle, USA

Empower Thyself Initiation: January 2012

“I went through profound personal shifts which brought deeper and deeper levels of inner peace.”

Prior to finding the Modern Mystery School I had what I now look back on as a spiritual awakening experience. At the time I was working in an environmental firm in a high paid and successful position. I had a great boyfriend, good family and friends, and yet I was miserable, anxious – depressed even – and very unhappy. Everything in my life looked great from the outside, yet on the inside something was just not Ok. At a certain point I could not continue on in the same way, and this sent me on a quest to find the “missing pieces” of my life.

I studied for several years on my own, reading books on philosophy, new age, religion, tarot, meditation, you name it! I was insatiable in my thirst for knowledge. I wanted to figure things out. I wanted to know what life was really about, who I really was meant to be, and what we are all doing here on this planet!

When I stepped through the doors of the Modern Mystery School in 2011 I knew that I had found something truly special. The Life Activation, Empower Thyself Class and Hermetic Kabbalah program immediately went to work in my life, transforming it over the course of a year. I made more progress in my personal life in that 1 year than I had in the previous 5 years! I started to even be happy, which was a feeling I’m sorry to admit had become very foreign to me.

And then… there was so much more!

With each healing modality, activation, program, and initiation, I shed layer upon layer of negative thoughts, unhealthy old programming and patterns, and went through profound personal shifts which brought deeper and deeper levels of inner peace, harmony, confidence, beauty, goodness, unity and a strong sense of purpose and service.

I knew that I wanted to share what I had found with my family, friends and others, so I decided to become a Life Activation Practitioner and then a Guide in order to do this. Seeing the results in those close to me, in my clients, and in the other students alongside me is incredibly rewarding and life-affirming. We can heal! We can grow in positive ways! There is so much more to life!

The mentorship and example set by the many highly qualified and experienced teachers, has offered me invaluable perspectives and inspiration while giving hope and shining light into my life. In my experience, the Modern Mystery School offers profound tools and processes for overcoming what was, truly getting to know our strengths and areas for personal growth, while authentically stepping into and living one’s potential.

I use the tools and training I’ve received every day, all day, because it’s practical and truly works!

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