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4 Holistic Approaches to Overcome Depression and Re-Ignite Passion for Life

Christina Mars Life

Feelings of depression, anxiety, emotional imbalance, and the like, can drag us down into a dark cycle that drains our passion and joy. This makes creating a life we love seem out of reach. We might feel hope fading, doubts and fears dominating our thoughts, and the ability to stay positive seems like a burden. These heavier feelings lower our …

The Value of Struggle

Aleks Ceho Life

Struggling isn’t bad.  There is a time and place for struggling.  In fact, struggling and being challenged often provide the perfect conditions for us to reach our next level of personal growth and learn some of life’s most valuable lessons.  So why do we go to such great lengths to avoid it?

I used to be an Uber Driver, Now I’m a CEO.

Aleks Ceho Life

In 2014 I was coming out of a relationship where I had lost my way. It wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t being fulfilled. I went back to school to pursue my engineering degree thinking it would give me a sense of purpose. I have served in the military and missed that sense of purpose, I had lost that in my civilian …

A Conversation with Women: Weightlifting and Inner Strength

Aleks Ceho Life

I’ve been on a journey of health and healing since I was 18.  While studying massage therapy, I ran daily on the beach in Southern California.  At night, I walked to a set of wooden stairs that overlooked the Pacific Ocean.  I sipped on warm tea and gazed up at the stars.  I often wondered what my purpose was and …

Today I am wise, so I’m changing myself – 4 Ways to Level Up your Life

Aleks Ceho Life

Making changes in our lives can be difficult. The coziness and familiarity of the comfort zone are a slippery place to be, because once you succumb to it, it can take twice the amount of energy to get out of it. Just like stagnant water breeds bacteria, our comfort zone creates this same type of energy in our lives. No …

Dreams to Destiny-The blueprint for your life

Aleks Ceho Life

While imagination is the tool for shaping reality, dreams are the blueprint to creating your life.  Without dreams, you can be swayed by the currents of the external world, the Matrix.  It’s like being lost out at sea without a compass giving you direction, without the stars guiding you, without a map leading you to where you want to go.  …

The Winds of Change are Always Blowing

Aleks Ceho Life

I’ve never understood why certain people choose to stand still in their lives, frightened by change, paralyzed by a fear so deep and dark in their psyches that they can’t even name it. Now, don’t get me wrong, there have been times in my life where I too stood still, afraid of what was coming next, afraid that I wouldn’t …

4 Ways to Level Up Your Life

Christina Mars Life

Rumi is one of my favorite poets; I love the deep wisdom he shares within his writings. One quote that I’ve been sitting with recently is, “Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” – Rumi. Making changes in our lives can be difficult.

Where did Feminism Miss the Mark? Reclaiming the Sisterhood

Aleks Ceho Life

Modern day feminism has become the very thing that women fought so hard against: victimhood.  Helping women is a noble and just cause.  The Me Too movement had good intentions.  As you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

4 Tips to stay in the Light during tough times!

Christina Mars Life, Magick

One of the most beautiful things about magick is its ability to renew and restore your sense of self – even when your life and environment are pressing down upon you. The qualities and energies that you need are always available and when you find yourself depleted; you need only call upon the beneficent forces of the universe to help restore that which is lost!