Meaning life presentation 12_17_15
Do you find yourself repeatedly making decisions that make you unhappy?

Are you constantly coming up against the same issues in your relationships?

Feeling like everything you do comes back to kick you in the behind?

The Negative Ego, or what is commonly known as the Ego is an aspect of self that can create destructive tendencies when neglected or poorly managed. No individual escapes the slings and arrows it launches unscathed.

When we have an understanding of how and why it operates, we can begin to shift the behaviours it encourages so that we may have greater joy in the relationships and choices we make in our lives. When we learn to disarm the Ego???s traps, we can step into a life filled with love, strength and peace. If you???re feeling ready to address the negative aspects of self, then feel free to come and discover:

  • What is the Ego and how does it function?
  • What exactly are these traps and how do we identify them?
  • What tools can I use to disarm these traps?


Why are these Ego traps so effective?

What Ego traps are you falling into?

Join Dave Lanyon as he presents the info your Ego doesn???t want you to know!

Friday, January 8th, 2016
7 p.m. 

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ABOUT THE TEACHER: Dave Lanyon, has travelled the world for the last 25 years training and coaching individuals, small businesses, and corporations to achieve success in all areas of life: financial well-being, athletic prowess, emotional health and mental acuity. The result: a revolutionary methodology that creates inspiration, fulfillment and freedom in people???s lives.